Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guest Post/new blogger/and not much else

So it's been super stressful lots going on and will settle myself down shortly and share it all, or what's appropriate to share to the WWW -- but for now this person asked if she could do a guest post and I thought, why not -- interesting information (if you can say interesting about insurance) and helpful (hopefully). Anyhow, she seemed nice and I like to help :D

Here it is:

There are a lot of reasons why people don't bother with a health coverage plan - rising cost of premiums, limited coverage, and impracticality even. But whether you will need coverage often or rarely, the fact that you will be able to afford medical services if and when you need them is reason enough to at least think about getting one. Depending on your plan, your coverage may include doctors' visits, emergency medical expenses, medicines, and physicals. Having health insurance will not only help you meet your immediate healthcare needs but help you live a healthier life too. Premiums can be expensive, yes. But good thing some plans now are flexible and will let you choose only the services you need making your premium affordable and cost-effective. 

With different types of insurance plans available out there, choosing the right one for you can be confusing. Compare plans and get free information on popular insurance providers, their contact information, advantages and disadvantages, even discounts all in one place at

Okay -- back to me:
One of our patients started a blog! She's doing great -- I can't really give more details because I don't want to violate any HIPPA laws -- but you can read for yourself! Click here and give her some love!