Because I actually like this picture -- January 2011 280 lbs after losing 35 on Slimgenics

Now for the scary pics

January 2012 318 lbs (UGH), highest weight ever (five lbs above initial consultation with surgeon...yes Christmas was that yummy)

August 8th a couple days past 2 months post-op (June 5, 2012 surgery date)
40 pounds down (weight 278)

oops, forgot to take a before of my backside :D.  So we'll use this as a starting point. There's not that much of a noticeable difference but I do feel more energetic and better.  I also feel my clothes are a bit looser.  This definitely is not one of those instant gratification moments.  It's a journey, a long one at that. But so worth it.

60 pounds down
September 9, three months and 4 days post-op. Weight 258

Ugh, you'd think 60 pounds lost would be so much more dramatic. But here's what I'm noticing, those smaller 3x's are fitting, my clothes are baggier and I have more energy.  Oh and my hair is longer, I really need to get it cut.

Weight 255 Pictures with clothes that fit:

 Hmmmm....well, work in progress....but hey, they're blue jeans...haven't done that in awhile.  oh and better yet...$21.99 at Ross -- my new favorite store.
The sweater/cover $10.99 at Ross. I like my new jeans...if they had a pair one size smaller, I would have bought it at that price for a couple months from now (yeah, I'm optimistic)

March 1, 2012 100 pounds down  (9 months post surgery)

First the pictures wearing my the outfit I posed in at 320 pounds

 I actually put these pants on without unzipping or buttoning

So my new job is business casual...which I didn't really have anyway because I wore scrubs all the time AND I am a completely different size...some pics of me in one of my new outfits

 and jeans and a favorite 'style' ever and I can finally do it!


  1. I took these type of photos wearing just my underwear and bra (NOT posted on the internet), just so I could really see the difference. I think your clothes are covering up the changes.

    Even still, you can see a huge difference. Look at your shirt length. In the first picture, the shirt was high up on you. In the last photo, the shirt is practically a skirt. You can't see any of your butt at all.

    Great job!

  2. 40 to 60 big diff!!! Keep it up .

  3. You look great - yes, I can absolutely see a difference. Keep it up!

  4. You can definitely see that last 20 lbs.lost. You're looking good and are on your way to a new life! GO GIRL GO!

  5. Clean those glasses off girl...THE DIFFERENCE IS THERE!!! JUST LOOK AT YOUR PANTS!!! That side view shot is the best...holy are doing GREAT!!!

  6. Hi TZ, I really love that last photo in jeans at the bottom. How far you've come! Thanks for popping by my blog--I hope we become fast friends. :D