Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's been awhile, lots of new news...

Surgery stuff -- I'm almost finished with my pre-op list, only thing left is meeting with the surgeon and lab work a week before the surgery.  That list seemed so daunting at first, but now not so much! I had the pre-op class last night, it was interesting, all straight forward, nothing to freak me out.  I'm a bit mad at myself because not only did I not lose that 20 pounds I was hoping to before the surgery, I gained an extra 7.  School is kicking my bum! I don't have any energy or time to get exercising or planning my food better.  I think part of me is also doing that 'last meal' thing....except that 'last meal' has been happening for the past 5 months.....

Work -- well right now, I'm a school nurse but follow only one child.  This is not a fun job. Great kid, nice family, but it's not the kind of nursing I want to do.  So I started looking for my own school clinic for next year and I got one!  I'll be working for a year round elementary school starting next July.  The staff that I've met so far seem fabulous.  They laughed at my jokes during the interview so they obviously have a sense of humor.  I meet everyone in May during a seminar. The principle wants everyone on board for a 7 habits for success for children and leadership thing. Sounds fantastic and I'm so glad that she wants me as part of the school team and doesn't see me as a separate entity because I'm not part of education, just educational support.

School -- it's crunch time, I need to be finished with my graduate project in the next couple of weeks.  I have three more weeks of this class, then my final class.  I'm going to leave for the weekend and crunch this stuff out...if I work from home there will be too many distractions. May 28th can't get here soon enough!

Personal life -- please, like I have one.  I chauffeur the children to their various sports, I cook (sort of), clean (kind of) and pretty much yell at people to be quiet so I can finish a paper.  Have I mentioned I can't wait until May 28th?

Okay, will check in later....maybe with something really deep....but probably not.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I have a date

So the office called and I am on the books for Tuesday, June 5th.


Just a little freaked out.

getting there

Met with the dietician yesterday and she signed off.  She also looked in my file and doesn't see any issues about getting the surgery.  So the next step is to schedule the surgery.  I was hoping to do the surgery on the Thursday after school ends but turns out the surgeon only performs the surgeries on Mondays and now I'm thinking I'll get a substitute nurse work for me the last two days of school and just get her done that first Tuesday of June.

That's less then two months away.


I met someone at support group who was three weeks post-op and she looked and felt great (and down 16 lbs -- exciting).  I keep reading and listening for those stories of what it's like for people those first few weeks out.

I can't believe it's just around the corner.