Friday, May 31, 2013

squeezing another post in for May

Wow, two whole posts in May --- I'm on a roll!

Let me tell you, my schedule is freakin' crazy! One kid in competitive baseball and another starting swimming -- ack!

So I was looking in the mirror the other day -- which is a mistake because then I look at all my flaws (and I have a lot of them!)....and I notice I have darkening skin on my upper lip (gotta love those hormonal changes that effect skin pigment) and then I notice two deep creases coming down from my nose, below my cheeks and out -- and that pronounced my upper lip and mouth area even more -- then I realized.....

I look like a monkey.

I am monkey girl.

On a more positive note, Jason and I just had our 21st anniversary...look what he sent me at work:

Gotta love the pictures of the different bariatric surgeries behind the flowers -- what can I say I work in the bariatric department.

But back to the flowers...he did good didn't he.

What did I get him
I suck as a wife -- but note schedule above.

Well, 21 years, I can't suck that much ;-)

It's Friday -- whoot. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Has it been a month already? and Wednesday Weigh In a day late

Such a bad bad blogger.
It's been hard getting used to my new job...and baseball season is in full gear...and throw in karate with the other one...and trying to carve out time with my husband....leaves little time for..well ME.

such is life.

People say I'll miss these days.

I'm not convinced.

So, weight loss stats:
Starting Weight: 320
Last Recorded Weight: 219
Today's Weight 214
Weight lost in the last two months 5 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 106

Five pounds in two months -- oy. I'm going to go ahead and tell myself what I would tell other's still down, it's not up.  Don't let this be discouraging.  You can do it. Rah Rah Rah.

I have my pom poms out and I'm doing a high kick right now...cheering myself on

Not really, I'm actually in my red with white polka dots pj bottoms, my nursing honor's society sweat shirt, which is white with purple greek lettering, and bright neon green socks.  I obviously don't feel the need to be super sexy or even color-coordinated when I go to bed.

So I really really like my job.  Love, love helping our patients. Love putting together nursing education around bariatrics. Although my first class was nursing self-care, because if nurses aren't caring for themselves they aren't able to take car of the patients.  I'm also revamping the bariatric online modules for the hospital...which is lots of fun. What I don't like? Data...I don't like collecting it, I don't like analyzing it and I don't like presenting it to the powers that be. ugh how do you number-people function -- bone-numbing boring! My other issue ....and you other moms who work outside the home will get this....I'm torn.  I really do love my job, I feel like I'm doing good---but I miss my kids.  It's hard right now because summer is about to begin and I'm going to be at work, my kiddos are going to be playing....this makes me a little sad that I'm not playing with them. And my poor husband...I'm so lucky he stays with me even though I've been barking orders at him about where we have to be and when, getting upset he's not the parent I am...he's a dad...just because I'm sad the boys aren't getting the attention from me doesn't mean he needs to parent like I do...I'm the snuggler, the make healthy meals with whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables and pack in the cooler...he's the rough-house play and stop at Taco Bell after a game and assume some wilted shredded lettuce is vegetable enough for growing boys....This is a guy who sent me flowers at work for Nurse's Week.  And even though I appreciate our differences, I am taking it out on him that I'm not the mom I want to be. And maybe since we've been married like forever and together an eon before that he just smiles and hugs me. Does he just not know he could have it so much better, or does he just love me?  I don't deserve him. But I'm sure glad he's mine.


So...even though I haven't been blogging here I have been blogging on our website herehere, and here.  Another fun part of my job....getting paid to blog...not so bad.

You'd think I'd have more to report given how long it's been since I've last blogged.

But no.

I could share with you baseball stats and the new karate moves of the smaller one -- but well that's boring.

Have a great Thursday! And Yay, three day weekend coming up-----so nice.