Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Some of you may know that I have an addiction to Pinterest. One of my boards is called, "If I had the body and the money" and that's where I pin fashion stuff.  I'm not, nor have been a fashionista, but I do like the nice outfit. I'm really not sure what my style is because when I had a "shape" -- well a shape that wasn't jelly fish -- it was the 90's.  And I'm not interested in dressing as if I were still in the 90's.  Although, I'll confess, I actually like wool shorts, argyle sweaters, and knee socks with penny loafers (don't hate me).  So I've been 'pinning' things that I like, trying to get an idea of what style I have AND for a little bit of inspiration.  

And I am so hoping that maxi dresses and wrap around blouses do not go out of style before I can wear them....well wear them in a way that makes my mirror happy.

 These are such cute outfits.  Those of you still losing, do you know your style? Do you dress now because of how it fits (I do) or what it hides (me too) or do you dress the way you like? Will your style change when you lose weight?  For those who are at or near goal...did your style change? If you've been overweight for over a decade was it strange adapting to styles different from the ones when you were last thin?

I just know I can't wait....

This post was written in lieu of eating a handful of Cheetos (jalapeno cheese Cheetos -- seriously those are the best!).

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekly Check In

Starting Weight 318
Last Weight 285
Current Weight 283

hmmm, only two pounds...it must have been the artichoke (insert smiley face). I'm actually starting to feel like some weight has come off...I get that the first 30 pounds probably came from my face and wrists, so it's nice to finally feel some come off my hips.  I didn't actually have to lie down to button my pants today.

This week, I'm not getting a lot of exercise.  I'm in a four day nursing conference in Colorado Springs which is an hour away.  And we're talking about really uplifting things like child abuse so by the time I get home, I am spent! I'm hoping today will be more uplifting...I think we're going over communicable diseases...so doubtful....

I have the next two weeks off! Whoo hoo. And a whole huge list of things to accomplish...but I am going to carve out one day to get a pedicure and massage and take care of myself...

Because we should always put the oxygen on ourselves first so we can take care of others more effectively.

It's my new motto.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I cheated

So the last support group I went to, one of the participants was joking around saying the reason he picked the Sleeve was because he hated vegetables.  According to my doc (I'm getting the idea that different docs do this differently) you're supposed to have 75% lean protein and 25% complex carb, but eat your protein first to make sure you get your 65+ g of protein.  I think for some people the complex carb thing goes by the way side (apparently this guy is one of them).  Anyhow, I actually love vegetables.  My pre-surgery diet was full of junk food (jalapeno-cheddar cheetos --YUM) but it was also full of veggies.  These past six weeks I've been wanting veggies like crazy.... (don't get me wrong, I've missed the cheetos too, but not as much as the veggies).  SOOOOO, last night I made fish tacos, I had my 2 oz of fish with 1/2 teaspoon of the sauce and a little cabbage....but I also had an artichoke..I ate all the meat off the leaves and half the heart....I wasn't able to finish the fish AND my little bite of pineapple went uneaten....But that artichoke tasted sooo good.

So I ate my veggies before my protein...I'm a big ol' cheater.....

and for once I'm okay with it!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


OMG, I'm so used to the 290's 300's I messed up on my last weight...
so real weigh in

Starting weight 318
Last week's weight 288
This week's weight 285

33 lbs down YAY.

Thanks for pointing that out...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

solid foods...yay

Beginning Weight 318
Last week 298
This week 295

Went to my 6 week check in and everything looks good.  And I get to start solid foods...super excited about that...but I don't know what I should have? I've been really satisfied with what I've been eating...

I'll have to think on this...

Strangely I am looking forward to broccoli and apples...

That sounds a little crazy doesn't it.

so when I exercise and sweat, I smell like ammonia....

Talked to the nurse and dietician, they haven't heard of this. The nurse thought maybe hormone issues?

Anyhow....has anyone out there heard of this?  I got on the internet which frankly can be dangerous but it makes sense what I read....when you eat a high protein diet and don't get enough balance of carbs and fats you can end up with extra urea that can come out in your sweat.

um, ick!

I need to drink more water.

And add some veggies....so yay for solids.

Monday, July 16, 2012

for us visual learners

So because I'm a big weenie baby and complaining about only losing three pounds in one week, my friend emailed me this picture.

I hate those pictures of fat...they're so gross...so I'm glad three of that gloppy mess shown above are gone!

My problem...or one of my many problems is that I read other people's blogs about losing like 100 pounds every two days their first three months out...and I think, "me too, me too, me too".

I have to reign in that competitive nature of mine....that nature that gets pissed off with an A- (yeah, I'm that girl). And realize I can't compare my journey with any one else's.  Because if I do I will end up even more crazy than I already am.

Deep breath

I am now Zen about my weight loss last week...three pounds is great! It's good enough. It's okay.
I need to be Zen because it looks like that's all I'll probably lose this week too.

Deep breath

I'm just not going to be one of those people who lose tremendous amounts of weight in like five seconds.

But it will happen.

I'm committed. And I have this wonderful tool.

And I have a great support system.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back at work...

Starting weight 318
Last weight 291
Today's weight 288

Well, I'm going to go with at least I lost weight. It's kind of frustrating to lose weight so slowly, especially when I can gain it so quickly! I've been walking this week and I added in the elliptical a couple times too...1/2 hour on the elliptical -- i.wanted.to.die.  In a few weeks though, I think it'll feel good.  I'm so out of shape, I'm trying to get in enough shape to do get to the couch portion of the C25K challenge...

I'm back at work. It's a year round school so I didn't get much of a break.  I like the school where I am the staff is great.  The bad news is there is a horizontal advancement freeze and I don't get a raise for my recently earned master's degree.  This is a little disheartening because nurses aren't even on the teacher's pay scale at this district.  As a matter of fact, with my experience and my education I'd be making 17k more as a nurse in another district (just being on the teacher's pay scale).  When I'm done with my year here, I may look to another district, the days will be a little off from my children's schedule but close enough to still make this work.  And frankly since I'm in a year round school (job sharing so I can get some time off with the kiddos) I'm still not 100 percent aligned with the kids anyway.

But who knows, things can change..

I'm kind of in a downer mood since finding out about that.

Yesterday I felt more hungry than normal.  I still followed my plan, but wasn't as satisfied.  Not sure what that was about, I hope it doesn't mean I'll be one of those sleevers with hunger (frowny face).  Maybe it was the disappointment?  I didn't wake up hungry, that's a good thing....It could have been the half hour on the elliptical and only having cottage cheese in the morning. Maybe if I work out like that I should have a denser protein.  I will figure it out in time. I am finding eating this way is easier in my line of work then sitting down for a larger meal.  I don't really get a lunch because lunch time is my busiest time as a nurse.  So having a couple ounces at nine, twelve and three works great!

alrighty, off to work!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Starting weight 318
Last weight 297
Current weight 291

Yay, my stall is over (for now) last week I lost 6 pounds.  Soft foods have been good for me.  I've been averaging around 500-600 Kcals a day and I've been keeping my protein between 65 and 70 grams a day.  I still can't seem to get my sodium below 2,000, probably because I'm relying a lot on deli meats and cheeses....but still does anyone really keep their sodium within the recommended amounts?  I'm supposed to wean myself off the protein drinks, but I can't seem to eat enough yet to get the recommended amount of protein, so I have one shake a day still.

I've also started walking.  A couple of friends (amazingly supportive, they are even convincing me that this is for them too) are walking with me in the mornings.  We drop our kids off at 630 am (yes, as in the morning) to swim practice and we walk the neighborhood.  I (as well as the other ladies) would like to eventually start the C25K challenge....but I need to ease my way into even that...so walking it is....I do hope to run the Turkey Trot (a yearly 5k on Thanksgiving Day, around Washington Park -- a very pretty part of Denver) with the whole family.

I'm feeling very energetic, healthier, and focused....thinking this surgery was a good move on my part!

What's new in my life? Well my eldest is 13 now. OMG. THIRTEEN. He sleeps all the time, and when he's not sleeping he's eating, and when he's not sleeping or eating he's rolling his eyes at me and sighs when I ask him to do something.

Do they just wake up knowing how to be teenagers?