Wednesday, July 18, 2012

solid foods...yay

Beginning Weight 318
Last week 298
This week 295

Went to my 6 week check in and everything looks good.  And I get to start solid foods...super excited about that...but I don't know what I should have? I've been really satisfied with what I've been eating...

I'll have to think on this...

Strangely I am looking forward to broccoli and apples...

That sounds a little crazy doesn't it.

so when I exercise and sweat, I smell like ammonia....

Talked to the nurse and dietician, they haven't heard of this. The nurse thought maybe hormone issues?

Anyhow....has anyone out there heard of this?  I got on the internet which frankly can be dangerous but it makes sense what I read....when you eat a high protein diet and don't get enough balance of carbs and fats you can end up with extra urea that can come out in your sweat.

um, ick!

I need to drink more water.

And add some yay for solids.


  1. As a special ed teacher I have had several kids in the past who were on the Keto diet (several for autism and one for seizures). I can't say that I noticed it so much when they would sweat (because they didn't usually work up a sweat) but for those kids who were still in diapers I did smell a strong ammonia smell with their urine. Those same kids also had a very distinct breath odor.

    Be careful with the apples...some people have trouble with the skin. Glad to hear all looked well at your check up!

  2. Are you numbers at the top off? They don't match the numbers below? But yay for 3 pounds!

  3. eating all that protein makes me have bad breath but I don't semll ammonia

  4. I was about to say exactly the same thing as Barbie, you might be in ketosis if you're not eating many carbohydrates. Nothing to stress about, but if you're worried, talk to your doc's office about it. :)