Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekly Check In

Starting Weight 318
Last Weight 285
Current Weight 283

hmmm, only two must have been the artichoke (insert smiley face). I'm actually starting to feel like some weight has come off...I get that the first 30 pounds probably came from my face and wrists, so it's nice to finally feel some come off my hips.  I didn't actually have to lie down to button my pants today.

This week, I'm not getting a lot of exercise.  I'm in a four day nursing conference in Colorado Springs which is an hour away.  And we're talking about really uplifting things like child abuse so by the time I get home, I am spent! I'm hoping today will be more uplifting...I think we're going over communicable doubtful....

I have the next two weeks off! Whoo hoo. And a whole huge list of things to accomplish...but I am going to carve out one day to get a pedicure and massage and take care of myself...

Because we should always put the oxygen on ourselves first so we can take care of others more effectively.

It's my new motto.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.


  1. Fear not, your walking buddy is also home, no more slacking off for either of us! Yep, we are of no help to others, if we haven't taken care of ourselves first! In the end, the healthier happier self makes us better equipped to help others. Great news on the continued downward trend!

  2. Good job on the loss this week!

  3. It's so true - gotta take care of #1 before we can take care of anyone else. It's like what we always hear about loving ourselves before anyone else can. Makes perfect sense to me!

    Great loss this week. :)