Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back at work...

Starting weight 318
Last weight 291
Today's weight 288

Well, I'm going to go with at least I lost weight. It's kind of frustrating to lose weight so slowly, especially when I can gain it so quickly! I've been walking this week and I added in the elliptical a couple times too...1/2 hour on the elliptical --  In a few weeks though, I think it'll feel good.  I'm so out of shape, I'm trying to get in enough shape to do get to the couch portion of the C25K challenge...

I'm back at work. It's a year round school so I didn't get much of a break.  I like the school where I am the staff is great.  The bad news is there is a horizontal advancement freeze and I don't get a raise for my recently earned master's degree.  This is a little disheartening because nurses aren't even on the teacher's pay scale at this district.  As a matter of fact, with my experience and my education I'd be making 17k more as a nurse in another district (just being on the teacher's pay scale).  When I'm done with my year here, I may look to another district, the days will be a little off from my children's schedule but close enough to still make this work.  And frankly since I'm in a year round school (job sharing so I can get some time off with the kiddos) I'm still not 100 percent aligned with the kids anyway.

But who knows, things can change..

I'm kind of in a downer mood since finding out about that.

Yesterday I felt more hungry than normal.  I still followed my plan, but wasn't as satisfied.  Not sure what that was about, I hope it doesn't mean I'll be one of those sleevers with hunger (frowny face).  Maybe it was the disappointment?  I didn't wake up hungry, that's a good thing....It could have been the half hour on the elliptical and only having cottage cheese in the morning. Maybe if I work out like that I should have a denser protein.  I will figure it out in time. I am finding eating this way is easier in my line of work then sitting down for a larger meal.  I don't really get a lunch because lunch time is my busiest time as a nurse.  So having a couple ounces at nine, twelve and three works great!

alrighty, off to work!


  1. I usually grab some protein before I hit the gym like some string cheese or a protein shake/bar

  2. I would never consider a 3 lb loss slow? Is this just over a week?

  3. What are you talking about? 3 lbs in a week is great.

    Exercise will get easier and easier. Keep it up. You'll start feeling stronger in no time.

    I still get hungry too. Protein definitely keeps me full longer. Try some almonds or pistachios.

  4. I was about to say exactly what Manda and Greenie said. 3 lbs per week is NOT slow, that's well above average. :)