Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Starting weight 318
Last weight 297
Current weight 291

Yay, my stall is over (for now) last week I lost 6 pounds.  Soft foods have been good for me.  I've been averaging around 500-600 Kcals a day and I've been keeping my protein between 65 and 70 grams a day.  I still can't seem to get my sodium below 2,000, probably because I'm relying a lot on deli meats and cheeses....but still does anyone really keep their sodium within the recommended amounts?  I'm supposed to wean myself off the protein drinks, but I can't seem to eat enough yet to get the recommended amount of protein, so I have one shake a day still.

I've also started walking.  A couple of friends (amazingly supportive, they are even convincing me that this is for them too) are walking with me in the mornings.  We drop our kids off at 630 am (yes, as in the morning) to swim practice and we walk the neighborhood.  I (as well as the other ladies) would like to eventually start the C25K challenge....but I need to ease my way into even walking it is....I do hope to run the Turkey Trot (a yearly 5k on Thanksgiving Day, around Washington Park -- a very pretty part of Denver) with the whole family.

I'm feeling very energetic, healthier, and focused....thinking this surgery was a good move on my part!

What's new in my life? Well my eldest is 13 now. OMG. THIRTEEN. He sleeps all the time, and when he's not sleeping he's eating, and when he's not sleeping or eating he's rolling his eyes at me and sighs when I ask him to do something.

Do they just wake up knowing how to be teenagers?


  1. Most of the time I stay within my sodium limits, but I have to...I have extremely high blodd pressure. I also ate a lot of deli meats in the beginning. Sara Lee has low sodium deli meats. I really like the turkey...I actually prefer it over the regular turkey.

    Yes, teenagers do just wake up one day with an attitude...and they have it for years. But after raising two teenage boys, I can tell you the good news is that it does eventually get better.

  2. I still have a protein shake for breakfast every day. Partly because I can't eat in the mornings and partly because I need the protein. My doctor has never told me to stop.
    Yup, teenagers are all part of god's plan so by the time it is time for them to leave the house, we can let them go, I think.

  3. My BP is fine, but I still watch my sodium. I just try my best to balance. If I have a great protein day, I probably had 2500 sodium. On the other hand, if my sodium was in the 1000-1500 range, I probably didn't have enough protein. I just balance it out the best that I can. I can't stand shakes, but I do like Clif Builder's Bars (mint chocolate=thin mint).

  4. I still do a protein shake in the am..partly to get the protein! I know I try to stay away from processed foods because there is a lot of sodium in it but sometimes...thats all I have time for!

  5. I always watch my sodium the closest... if I eat over the amount I have set for myself, I gain water weight like a sponge in a pool.

    Glad you have such great friends to exercise with - that's so important to have a support system. :)