Thursday, May 31, 2012

And then there were five------

In five days I will be at the hospital getting my surgery....It's going by so quickly.

We told the kids a couple days ago -- it went like this:

Me: Mommy's going to have surgery next week.
I and J: Why?
Me: To help me lose weight.
J: That's cool, I need a permission slip signed so I can go to a picnic at school.
I: Can you make me a lunch before you leave for the hospital?

And then it was life as usual.

But they're 12 and 9, they've never had to worry about anything. I'm the worrier and that's why I kept this from them until it was almost time for the surgery because I wanted to keep them from worrying too much.  Not sure if it's because they're boys? or if they've had such a stable upbringing? or it's just not in their nature to worry?  Must be nice!

I think I'm going to go with, it's their upbringing and pat myself on the back.

Less than a week.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So I'm in a weird mood today, I'm really tired, trying to get my last week of school done, I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything, my house is a mess, I can't keep my schedule straight...Part of it, I think is this momentous life changing surgery that's going to happen in less-then-a-week (insert panicked scream right now) and I'm a bit freaked out, but also happy, excited, apprehensive, curious, calm! 

So what have I been doing today?

Blurting out to almost everyone that I'm going to be having this surgery.

So far, all I've gotten is positive feed back.

WOW.  So nice that that's what's happening, since we all know (see a few posts ago) that this hasn't always been the case.

I didn't really want to be so forthcoming about this....

I'm just nervous.

I should wear a muzzle when I'm nervous.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not weight or surgery related

So a little off topic moment to say -- IT'S MY 20TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TODAY -- I am married to one of the most patient, loving, loyal men, and he's pretty cute too. He's also a great father, a wonderful provider and the funniest man I know!

Here's a picture of me from 1992 -- 1992, a lifetime ago!  Here's how long ago it was, my wedding and teal -- yeah, that color combination, probably never coming back into style.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

11 days and counting....

Wow, eleven days left before my surgery. The time flew by. I met with the surgeon a couple days ago to go over all my pre-op stuff, do my EKG, and some blood work.  The last few weeks I've been getting emails from the coordinator about this or that that may be an issue and she would end each email with a "don't worry".  Seriously, you're missing this, or this letter from your doctor is too vague...and don't worry....don't worry?  Well, I guess I shouldn't have worried because the doctor didn't even bat an eyelash.  He's good to go.

And then I had to write all the checks, to the surgeon, the surgical assistant, the anesthesiologist, and the hospital.

That was a little painful.

I mean that could have been a family trip to Europe, a new basement, or new landscaping for the backyard.  But I'm spending it all on myself.

On myself....

Which brings me to the awesome nurse in the pre-op testing for the hospital.  She told me..."remember, the day of your surgery and your recovery are about YOU, don't worry about being a nurse, don't worry about being a wife, don't worry about being a mother. Take care of YOU"


I know not what she means.

So capstone project, had to postpone for one week because I didn't finish everything in time.  New finish date is June 4th.
Surgery June 5th
Last day of school June 6th (taking the last two days off because of surgery)

Wonder if I can add anything else in that week of June?

To the two people who read my blog...HAVE A HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's all clear now

And now I know why even though I put them safely in my freezer so that they can last for months, they're gone in weeks --- okay days.

I guess instead of a 'crack-ho' I'm a 'thin mints ho'

Still working on my Capstone project, will write more later.