Saturday, July 21, 2012

I cheated

So the last support group I went to, one of the participants was joking around saying the reason he picked the Sleeve was because he hated vegetables.  According to my doc (I'm getting the idea that different docs do this differently) you're supposed to have 75% lean protein and 25% complex carb, but eat your protein first to make sure you get your 65+ g of protein.  I think for some people the complex carb thing goes by the way side (apparently this guy is one of them).  Anyhow, I actually love vegetables.  My pre-surgery diet was full of junk food (jalapeno-cheddar cheetos --YUM) but it was also full of veggies.  These past six weeks I've been wanting veggies like crazy.... (don't get me wrong, I've missed the cheetos too, but not as much as the veggies).  SOOOOO, last night I made fish tacos, I had my 2 oz of fish with 1/2 teaspoon of the sauce and a little cabbage....but I also had an artichoke..I ate all the meat off the leaves and half the heart....I wasn't able to finish the fish AND my little bite of pineapple went uneaten....But that artichoke tasted sooo good.

So I ate my veggies before my protein...I'm a big ol' cheater.....

and for once I'm okay with it!


  1. lol... I think you will do very well if THAT constitutes cheating in your book. ;) I love veggies too... and always try to get some bites in with every meal.

  2. I think you could get away with it... just this once. =P

  3. Aren't support groups awesome? They bring lots of perspective :)

  4. Cheating like this is the only way I can get any veggies into my meals. If I eat the protein first, I don't have room for them. :)