Friday, May 31, 2013

squeezing another post in for May

Wow, two whole posts in May --- I'm on a roll!

Let me tell you, my schedule is freakin' crazy! One kid in competitive baseball and another starting swimming -- ack!

So I was looking in the mirror the other day -- which is a mistake because then I look at all my flaws (and I have a lot of them!)....and I notice I have darkening skin on my upper lip (gotta love those hormonal changes that effect skin pigment) and then I notice two deep creases coming down from my nose, below my cheeks and out -- and that pronounced my upper lip and mouth area even more -- then I realized.....

I look like a monkey.

I am monkey girl.

On a more positive note, Jason and I just had our 21st anniversary...look what he sent me at work:

Gotta love the pictures of the different bariatric surgeries behind the flowers -- what can I say I work in the bariatric department.

But back to the flowers...he did good didn't he.

What did I get him
I suck as a wife -- but note schedule above.

Well, 21 years, I can't suck that much ;-)

It's Friday -- whoot. Have a wonderful weekend!

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