Monday, October 14, 2013

yup I'm a baseball mom

My oldest is 14, 6 feet tall, and thin -- not really gawky thin, but athletic thin and muscular - he weighs about 140 pounds. He wears a men's large.

Sometimes the moms on the team will wear their sons' jerseys to the games -- it's really cute. But not something I could do -- especially a year ago.

Yesterday was the play-offs for Jake's fall-ball league (which, by the way, they lost after the first game, even though they were seated second -- which goes to show you, anything can happen in baseball). I was wearing a sweater and jeans -- but Jake really really wanted me to wear one of his jerseys -- like the other moms.

I couldn't quite get it buttoned, but I could get it on (I'm rockin' an extra large right now -- which means I got to do some shopping at Eddie Bauer, my fave store and walk past Lane Bryant, it felt good, it really did). And since Jake really wanted me to wear it --  I did

And sadly (or gladly?) my pants are on the big side -- which is too bad because I really like the cut, the feel and the color.  I need to buy more jeans now that capri weather is leaving us.

It was a happy moment -- not because of the clothes -- obviously -- it's not like I want to go around wearing baseball jerseys. It's about the smile on my son's face because I was wearing his jersey to his play-off game.  He couldn't express what it was about this that he liked -- but he liked it. I know because I got a couple extra hugs, even a snuggle out of him yesterday.


  1. What an awesome eelng fo you and him! :) New jeans... a blssing and a curse. I know how that feels.

  2. Every time I come to your page looking for a new post I just think, "Wow, she looks so darn cute!" So I decided to tell you, "You look so darn cute!"

  3. “…moms on the team will wear their sons' jerseys to the games” – This is cute indeed. But do you know that based on a player’s perspective, seeing his mom wear his uniform is not only a form of support, but also loyalty to the sports itself? This helps the player boost his energy and do better in the game. Good thing you finally agreed to wear one of Jake’s uniforms. I’m sure he’s way too happy to have seen you wear it!

    Jennine Stalder @