Friday, March 29, 2013

A day of food in pictures

First off, update on my new position as a Bariatric Coordinator. I kind of love it, and I kind of think I'm good at it.  After meeting with some patients and going to support group there seems to be an overwhelming need for people to know how to organize their day of eating.  I know some of you out there in blogland have had posts where you do this (and I've pointed a couple of patients to your blogs to show them -- not to my blog, because well that would cross a professional line :D). Anyhow, since this seems to be a theme I'm going to do another post -- and encourage you to do the same.  

A couple of my choices are 'do what I say, not what I do' kind of choices. But I'm including it to show I'm not perfect, no one out there has to be perfect -- just mindful.

 So, let's just say I start my day out not perfect.  I'm not a eat in the morning kinda gal.  I know I have to get some calories in to 'rev' up my metabolism.  I also know I'm not supposed to have caffeine (two reasons, - it's a stimulant and it can cause ulcers, especially in people who've had the sleeve procedure). So I have one cup of regular and one cup of decaf, with some low fat flavored creamer.  Another no-no - no drinking your calories.  A little TMI here, the last three days I've been adding Miralax to my coffee...let's say one of the side affects of eating this way is having a bit of constipation -- I'm glad to say the Miralax-latte is working for me.

This is where I do well. I plan all my meals in the morning and pack them away and take them with me.  I think I would have more success during the weekend if I do this then too -- maybe I'll try this weekend.  Yesterday I had to pack extra because we had a support group (are you guys going to support groups? They're so helpful) and I had to take that into consideration.  So at 8am I had ham, string cheese, and half an orange, at 11am I had a stuffed pepper, at 2pm I had some more ham, string cheese, and orange cherry tomatoes and at 5 pm I had strawberries and a protein bar.  Oh, I also pack my calcium citrate and D.

Got home at 730 and I was spent. The family was at the older son's baseball game and I was alone and getting to watch Grey's Anatomy without interruption -- so I did a couple of no-no's here, I ate in front of the TV and I didn't make great choices...I had a bag of 100 calorie popcorn (that I shared with the dog -- another no no -- no feeding the dog from the coach - but I love to watch her catch popcorn in her mouth -- I'm easily entertained). I also had a spoon full of peanut butter and when Jason got home he made himself a snack of really yummy cheese and crackers so I had some too.

Then I went to bed.

My total intake:
1224 K-cals
103 g of carbs (should probably be lower)
86 g of protein (on target)


So if you're looking for a blog post idea, I encourage you let us know how you plan your day! I think the information would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Yay for your new job!

    I will have to do a day in the life post - that's a great idea!

  2. awesome new job....I do well when I plan during the week but the weekend is usually not as organized and more running around so that is when I tend to pick up something to eat...for shame!

  3. Thrilled for you with the new job, and I love this day in pictures! (I also tend to make mistakes with the dog due to entertainment value - the other day it was accidentally "teaching" him to jump into my arms...whoops.)