Thursday, December 15, 2011

For the love of food and being loved

I recently gave a party.  I love giving parties.  I love planning the food, I like displaying the food, and I like making sure everyone has something they can eat (gluten free, high protein, low sugar, dairy free, vegetarian....I have a variety of friends)...I want people to feel at home...through food.

See a trend?

Paula Deen said at the end of one of her shows, 'if you make this they will love you" not it, but YOU. I'm all over that, well that and that she uses a stick of butter in everything.  There was a movie a few hundred years back, called "Like Water for Chocolate" it was a beautiful film, but the only scene I remember is where the protagonist (oooh, English major jargon coming out) was in a sorrowful mood and this beautiful meal she created made people cry, not just because she was an amazing artful cook, but because the tears she shed while making the food transferred itself though the food to the people eating it. I totally get that, food and emotion and home and love are all intertwined.  "Dearhubby jokes with me when I make something that people will love me when they eat it.  And I need to be loved.

Unfortunately, for some reason a creamy cheesy lasagna says "love" way more then grilled halibut.  Even the way the words roll off the tongue..."lasagna"....that sounds lovely, "halibut"...not so much.

In my quest of being healthy, I need to figure out how to say, "I love you" in a low-fat, high fiber, moderate protein kinda way.


  1. Halibut sounds more like "to hell with it, I'm having the chocolate souffle for dessert!"

    Other favorite food movies: Babette's Feast (foreign film Judy L. got me hooked on), Eat/Drink/Man/Woman (even Hubby enjoyed this one, features Chinese cooking), and of course Chocolat with Johnny Depp (and you should read the sequel book to this one, The girl with no shadow/Lollipop shoes).

    Oh wait...I suppose these suggestions won't help the weight loss journey...but with a few weeks off, I thought you'd appreciate some foodie movies-and-books!

  2. I wish halibut said love, too! Unfortunately, it only says, "fish breath" in this house. :(