Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is Metabolically efficient?

Most of you all know when you set out to lose weight, even after weight loss surgery (at least this is what I'm reading on a lot of your blogs out there) you plateau (which sucks).  I asked the Doc why that is.  I love the way he answered, because the weight loss "specialists" at WW, Slimgenics, Nutrisystems, Jenny Craig, my regular doc, the two different personal trainers, oh, wait, three different personal trainers I've tried out all said, 'you must be doing something wrong'.  Nothing like hearing those words, after struggling for a week or two, will make me want to go for a pizza with an oreo blizzard chaser.

The bariatric doc said that I was metabolically efficient.

I understood what he meant....cuz, I'm a nurse and all.

Dearhubby said, 'huh'?

It's like this, if you dropped me in a desert without food, I'd last weeks.  My body would shut down and preserve every ounce of energy (fat) and sparingly use it when absolutely needed.  Someone who is more inefficient, you know those guys in the grocery line ahead of you whose carts are loaded with sodas, ice cream, steaks, chips and jujubees, they need food all the time in order to sustain life. They burn it off quickly and DON'T STORE IT (hate them -- no not really we all have crap to deal with -- okay maybe a little hate them).  It would suck to be them during a famine, but since one of those isn't coming up any time soon, they get to eat like maniacs and still have the hip bones of a super model.  Where as I stand in line with my basket full of salmon, free range chicken and rice cakes.

Denver Bariatrics has a great team.  When you do plateau, they will help you through it, without judgement.  Even if your plateau was caused by a couple or few extra caramel mocha frappacinos.  He even said, that sometimes it's a matter of adding an extra high protein meal at 10 at night so that you don't go 12 hours without eating.....seriously, eating at 10 at night? Don't most diet gurus say NOT to eat after seven.  The thing is, people who are 'metabolically efficient' will put their body into starvation mode if they go 12 hours without eating. And when your body is in starvation's gonna shut down and preserve every little tiny calorie until you prove to your body that you live in the 21st century and you're choosing not to eat and it's not because the hunters of your little nomadic group couldn't bag a wooly mammoth.

So there you have it, I'm a freakin' genius at being metabolically efficient.


  1. Very informative!! Thanks for sharing, from a fellow metabolically efficient blogger!! :)

  2. Good to know! Makes sense. Thanks for following me and for your link suggestions. Looking forward to following your journey.