Friday, March 9, 2012

That extra day didn't help

I really wish February 29th was a real extra day, one that I could have used to catch up on stuff, but no it was just a regular ol' day full of things to do and things not done.


So, what have I been doing, besides working, school (May 25th can't get here soon enough), chauffeuring the kids to their various events?  Well, I've gotten onto calorie count dot com and have started (finally) logging my food.  I've been honest too.  My two biggest surprises?

I don't get enough fats

you're kidding me right?

and I consume an extreme amount of sodium.

The sodium thing freaked me out because I never add salt to anything.  Probably because there's already so much salt in everything.

First day I logged in? 425%

I kid you not.
No wonder my feet were swelling like crazy.

I've got myself down to 195% and am feeling good about that.

That lower fat/cal sausage mcmuffin wannabe? Got a D on the Caloriecount website...why? because of the sodium (and probably other stuff).  I'll have to be really good about the rest of the say lay off the California Rolls (I figured, brown rice, awesome, right? -- uh no ridiculously high in sodium).

I have also yet to get in my required potassium.  
(thank goodness for multi-vitamins)

The good news....
I'm good with protein and seem to always get enough calcium and vitamin A.

It was pretty eye-opening.  If you're on that site look for me, I'm RNTracey.

When you started exploring your diet more carefully did any of you have any 'aha' eye-opening moments?


  1. The Sodium was an eye opener for me and it was because I was relying on prepackaged food a lot in the beginning. Once I started cooking more at home and taking leftovers for lunch, the number went down a lot. For me, it was definitely a little taste here, little nibble there adding up so fast. I didn't realize how much I was actually ingesting throughout the day.

  2. Sodium was my big revelation as well. I was thinking like you were that since I don't salt my food very often that I was ok...then I realized than basically any pre-prepared food or food in a can has a lot of sodium. I've been trying to lower my sodium intake because I've noticed that I lose weight better when it's lower but it's still a work in process. Tracking has definately been the #1 key to my entire journey!

  3. I'm so glad that I don't salt my food and I can't believe the stats you put up in that post! That is crazy!


  4. I just started logging everything in a few months ago and it was eye opening. In the beginning it would have been too much but I think as we go along we can handle more and more things. And it's so awesome that you're checking this stuff out and reevaluating!! I hadn't really noticed sodium levels b/c I'm still so fixated on my protein, carbs, etc. but I need to be more diligent about this. Thanks for pointing it out

  5. Sodium and protein are basically the only things I track, it's CRAZY how much salt is in everything, isn't it?!

  6. My big surprise was just how much the little bits added up over all. Like seven M & M's were not a big deal, but when I had 'just' seven M and M's seven times a day I was packing in major calories. Now if it passes my lips, it's logged and my snacking has almost totally disappeared just through awareness.

    1. I noticed that too...even coffee has like 8 calories and I always figured coffee was a freebie.