Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight 320
Last Week's Weight 254
This Week's Weight 250

Yay. My 1 lb a week (which is still good) is over and I lost 4lbs this week.  I didn't change my eating much, haven't exercised more (or at all).  The body is a strange thing. 

I have sucked as a blogging buddy this past week. Uber stressed, trying to get my resume in order and need to study EKG strips.  The job I'm going for is a long shot so I'm trying to get as prepared as possible.

And of course, I still need to be a wife, mom, full time employee, housekeeper, and cook (sometimes chef...mostly cook)....

Needless to say, coffee has creeped back into my diet.

Hopefully this weekend I can get on the blogging band wagon and catch up with all you wonderful and inspirational peoples!

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. You're doing great! 4lbs is wonderful! I know you are stressed right now, but hopefully you can just put your head down and get through it. :)

  2. Woot!! You are rocking it. Nicely done. :)