Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In - life as a baseball mom

Starting Weight: 320
Last week's Weight 245
Today's Weight 238

Pounds lost 7
Total pounds lost 82 (whoo hoo)
Pictures to come later

When I first looked at the scale I had a bit of a freak out because I was looking at the 8 -- I was expecting to see a 2 hopefully a 1 (as in 241-242) so it didn't register that it was 2-3-8, then I went from freak out to happy dance.

It's been a wild week.  We got back from Italy, I barely got my bearings and my oldest and I were off to Albuquerque, NM for a baseball tournament. I tried to keep my food in check, I can't say I did a great job but I ended up losing quite a bit of weight.  So? who knows? Let me tell you though about our last day there.  Let's just say the day was so bad we just ended up laughing, because there was nothing else to do.

It started with Jake spilling all the ice and drinks out of the cooler, in the hotel elevator.  The staff had to shut the elevator down to clean it all up....He did it as we were getting off on the main floor, in front of his entire team.  Who good-naturedly laughed at him and blamed it on how he was wearing his pants...they're too short because he's had a huge growth spurt and he's been tucking them into his socks and wearing them 'old' style.  So he untucks his pants and wears them down.  We get into my friend's car (we car pooled with another family) and on our way to the game we get into a fender-bender. Everyone is okay and there was plenty of time to still get to the field.  We pull off to the side, exchange information and call the police.  Jake decided to tuck his pants back into his socks since a fender-bender is much worse than spilling ice in an elevator.  We're done with what we need to do, go to start the car and it won't start.


The couple that hit us ended up jumping us and since they knew we were out of town gave us their number in case we needed anything else (super nice of them).  We get the boys there. Jake hits a great ball, gets another batter in and gets to first.  He's been having a hard time hitting lately so we're super happy about that. He also eventually scores a point for the team.  The game's going our way and we have a chance at third place (won one and lost one in the seeding so we were playing for third at that point---can I just say the winning teams had a few kids over 6 feet and some of them were sporting facial hair -- steroids much? -- oh 14 year old league in case you were wondering at my shock when I saw these MEN on the other team). The other coach is a complete putz,  he complains about every call the ump makes, he yells at his kids.  Their pitcher put on a white underarmour shirt (it was freakin' cold...way too cold for baseball, but whatever) you're not supposed to wear white as the pitcher  because it detracts the batter from the ball.  One of our kids had a hard time seeing the ball so the ump told the pitcher to pull up his sleeves.  Our coach offered him one of our batting jackets...because it was cold! The other coach lost it, started using swear words, started yelling at OUR kids and our coach.  Well our coach lost it and told the other coach to 'shut the f--- up' well that's all she wrote...The ump called a double forfeit. Part of me was happy because we got to start our 8 hour trip back to Denver at 4pm instead of 6 pm. ---Our coach apologized to the kids, told them this was not the way to behave etc, he felt so bad about losing his temper.


We get back to the car and it won't start again.


I wish I were kidding.

It took two jumps.  Thankfully two other families caravanned with us to make sure we got home safely.

I told my friend that next time, we'll be taking my car.

And I still lost weight.

Yay me.

So glad baseball season is over...and basketball season is inside and there's no traveling.


  1. Whew. What a crap day! But I'm glad it all worked out.

  2. Awesome loss congratulations!


  3. What a weekend! I can't even imagine.

    Way to go on the loss - that's wonderful!

  4. Wow. Quite the weekend. Awesome loss!!! :)

  5. That is one crazy week!!!! Graz on the loss!!! I get that too with the numbers, they jump around in my eyes and trick me too! :)