Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight 320
Weight 2 weeks ago (I took a week off for Italy) 247
Today's Weight 245

Well it wasn't a stellar two weeks, but I didn't gain! I have to admit the last two days I've been a stressed out eating machine, not drinking enough water and have been very inactive.  A combination of jet-lag, being overwhelmed and freaking myself out because I interviewed for a new job.  If I get this job it'll be a challenge, one that I'm looking forward to.  But it's stressful to research the position and practice all the possible questions you could get asked.  I typed out three pages of possible questions and scenarios and practiced them.  It does feel good to go to an interview prepared but no less stressful. The main stressful thing? is telling my bosses (principal of the school and the head of nursing) that I'm quitting.  They're both lovely people, good bosses, I love working with them.  It doesn't feel good to tell them I'm leaving especially knowing how hard it is to find qualified nurses to fill school nursing positions.  But I'm being premature, I didn't get the job yet or at all, I just stress myself out thinking about it.


deep breath.

Here's what I am looking forward to -- no more political ads...OMG can I get an Amen?

Have a great Wednesday to all of my blog friends out there.


  1. A pound a week is good!

    Not only will I be happy about no more political ads, but I am OVERJOYED that I will not be receiving 4 or 5 political phone calls a day!

    Good luck with the new job prospect!!!

  2. How great that you were able to record a weight loss after your vacation!

    Good luck on the job front!

    I totally will give you an amen about the political ads and phone calls, and I hope people stop posting political stuff on facebook soon too. I don't like to talk politics in mixed company. I was a journalist for many years, which meant I had to keep my beliefs hidden and still have a hard time revealing anything. :)

  3. YAY! loss after vacation is great.

    Good Luck with your interview, quiting is hard. I hate to let people down and disapoint them. Once you have the new job and are there (fingers crossed for you), it'll be worth it!

    I'm so HAPPY fb will be back to pictures of people lunches again... or am I??? :0)

  4. Good luck with the job! Losing after going to ITALY? You are a rock star!

  5. Amen sista---and good luck with the job. Awesome you lost on vacay!

  6. Amen! I was so DONE with politics by the time the election rolled around.

    Try not to stress...only worry about the interview itself rightnow. Good luck!