Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Stuff

Yesterday was's TOM (is that TMI?), sometimes I get so tired during that time....I mean that can't think, it feels like you're walking through cotton, can barely move one foot in front of the other bone numbing tired.

And I wish I was exaggerating.

I still had to work.  Then take kid number 1 to PT.  Oh why? Because I basically suck as a mother and a nurse.  He twisted his ankle while I was at work so my mother-in-law drove him to the ED in the hospital where I work and I met them down there.  He was expressing 8/10 pain, while he was doing this I was behind his back shaking my head and rolling my eyes....she gave him some Advil and off to x-ray he went. No break (yay) but after a couple of hours he still insisted his pain was 8/10 -- which freakin' screams 'drug seeker' even if that drug is Advil....and given my family history with alcohol and drugs AND the experience I have with certain patients (jaded much?) I dismissed his pain and did a lot more eye rolling.

Well, it's not a sprain, it's freakin' nerve damage.

So yeah, 8/10 pain, totally appropriate.

Oh and my insistence on ice -- worst thing evah!

Yes, I am the mom/nurse that sent the same kid to school with Pneumonia and told him to suck it up -- this was after three days of keeping him out of school. The school nurse called and suggested I take him to the doc...he was out the rest of the week.

He's so going to need therapy....but all during PT last night he kept asking the PT to remind me I was wrong about the ice -- and he had that grin on his face -- I think he'll be alright.

Oh back to last night, before PT was Chipotle, because did I mention I was tired? I had chicken with fajita veggies and black bean bowl -- no rice, no cheese and mild salsa with a little bit of guac. -- another digression here -- what are your favorite diet/bariatric friendly meals when going out? This might be a future post :D -- okay then after PT we went to Dairy Queen since a percentage of the proceeds from last night go to the elementary school where the youngest goes.  I love those nights because it's fun to see other school families supporting the school and the local community. I did not order anything, but did take two bites of the younger's blizzard...chocolate covered pretzel blizzard um YUM.

Then got home about 8, crawled into bed of no less than three blankets and armed in a sweat shirt, pajama bottoms and thick warm socks -- when will it be gosh it's been so cold! And promptly fell asleep.  I didn't even get to see how they finished the remodel on whatever was on HGTV at that time.

This post is totally random, because I'm also about to share with you something random and funny that happened to be the other day:

 random doc told me I looked like Susan Sarandon...which I don't -- but I'm wondering is this a compliment, because she's pretty or NOT because she's like older than my mother (she was born in '46 -- my mom would kill me if I told you when she was born, but it was after '46) here's how it went down...
doc: you look familiar
me: yeah, i have one of those faces
doc: no you really look familiar
me: I don't think we've met before
doc: (hmmm, starts to leave room, comes back) Susan Sarandon, you totally look like Susan Sarandon
me: wow, never heard that one before (my mistake, because now doc being a doc has to be RIGHT)
doc: (proceeds to ask all those around us) she looks like Susan Sarandon doesn't she
people around doc, who don't want to tell doc he's wrong: yeah, sure (look at me like he's nuts)
me: well, that's not a bad thing, I think
doc -- apparently satisfied and leaves so I can have my meeting

The celebrity I usually get described as is Ricki Lake (I have no idea how she spells her name) and not the skinny Ricki either.  But hey, I'll take Susan -- she's very pretty -- and I'm going to go with he meant a younger Susan Sarandon :D.


Have a great weekend blogland friends.


  1. This made me laugh, I'm sorry, because I've twice now done that "you're ok, oh wait it's a raging ear infection." Also, my Dad told my brother he was ok when he BROKE HIS ARM. Don't beat yourself up too much!

  2. I totally understand the "drug seeking" statement you made. My sister is the reason for that. We all do it! Parenting is so not by the book. I hope he gets better fast! I love Susan Sarandon! She is a great person to look like!

  3. When I was in my late-20's I had several people tell me I looked like Sela Ward (who was in her 40's at the time). She was still beautiful regardless of age, so I felt complimented!

  4. Definitely a compliment - she was a beauty queen!

    What mom HASN'T done that kind of thing - you just tell the story funnier. AND as a nurse, you get a double guilt load. But one of my friends is a doctor, and it is the same for her - it doesn't matter, you can never know for sure. Sounds like your son is having a great time teasing you, so lucky him. ;-)

    You know it's funny you mention pain levels because I was in HORRIBLE pain after my lap band/hiatal hernia surgery, but I am NOT one to ask for drugs usually...I felt like someone used my belly as a punching bag. She asked my pain level and I said, "5-6". Because in my mind, 10=death, lol. I don't know I've ever given a number higher than 7. They always give you the drugs anyway, lol. (In the hospital that is...not your mom - haha).

  5. Susan Sarandon is HOT! Consider it a huge compliment!

  6. This is the internet, nothing is TMI on the internet!!!