Thursday, April 11, 2013

What? Two Posts in a week?

Another what did I eat in a happens to be a good day -- well sort of! 

So I'm giving up my presweetened yummy goodness creamer and going for the fat-free half and half and sugar free hazelnut syrup.  It's's not the same, but it's good.

I had to work until 8 pm last night so I had to pack everything with me.  I really do believe one of the keys to success in this weight loss journey is through planning.
Breakfast as I got in to work (well a little after since I forgot my lunch bag -- so much for being prepared -- thankfully I have an awesome husband and he brought it to me) -- two turkey sausage patties and blueberries and strawberries.
 The registered dietician gave me this idea, plain greek yogurt and your favorite dip mix which for me is a dill mix, sometimes I go with a ranch mix. Then some cut up vegetables.  I love veggies and dip but needed my protein with it and this was the way to do it.  It's also a way to get some of that yogurt in without going sweet.
 Has any one tried these yellow grape tomatoes...OMG they are so sweet and so yummy and I love these black bean burgers -- I try to a couple non meat meals in during the day - especially plant based ones with eating so much protein it's hard to get in those fruits and veggies and as any mother knows we need those fruits and veggies..
 Because part of my day was sitting in meetings, this was a good grab and go snack.
These are all my meals that I took to work with me.  I'm glad I work in an office with a fridge and a microwave, it does really make it easier to follow my mean plan....Because those 12 hour shifts on the floor would take much more planning....and definitely wouldn't be able to take time to eat my meals as it would be shoving nuts in my mouth between patients.

Confession -- even though I planned grab and go for my meeting, I stopped by the hospital cafeteria and bought a medium chai latte. It's a bit dangerous because you just have to swipe your badge and they take it out of your check.  I burned my tongue though so that was my penance.

What this day netted?
874 calories
122 g of carbs
63 g of protein
drum roll
82 whopping grams of sugar (damn chai latte -- it was really good though)


  1. The planning is great! Ooh, a Starbucks that just takes it from your check? That would be super dangerous for me!

  2. I totally agree with you..plannning is key..and your meals..look yummy!

  3. I had a hard time with this blog since I'm still on liquids, lol. ;-) But hey, I was doing the greek yogurt/dip thing a couple of weeks ago and plan to again. Another thing I would do is add the plain protein powder to it, if you need even more in your day. :-) (I have to get in 80g a day minimum, so that can be challenging!) Or I've mixed in the chicken soup unjury with greek yogurt as a dip, which was good - but I wouldn't want to do it all the time.

  4. I totally agree with you: planning your intake is the key to success. Great post.

  5. I totally love the yogurt dip idea! I am going to try that! Great food day! I love chai! And the starbucks Chai is so good!

  6. I eat greek yogurt daily. Love the dip idea.