Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Support Group

Happy Valentine's Day
I've been so freakin' busy that it seemed more stressful to get out tonight with my husband then it would be relaxing to spend an evening with him.  The kids have plans this Saturday, so I just said to him, "I love you, I know you love me, can we just express that love on Saturday instead of Tuesday?"

He was good with that...

He did mention that he saw on television that having sex twice a week lowers a man's chance of having a heart attack. He assured me he was imparting this information because I'm interested in all things health and in no way was it for him.  He's generous that way.

No mention of what it does for a woman's heart though.


Went to my first VSG support group last night.  It was really interesting. I really liked the facilitator, she's one of the dietitians that contract with the surgeon I've chosen. There were people there from 15 months out (my friend) and others who are waiting for the surgery.  No one said anything that freaked me out or scared me or even surprised me.  The group of people were really nice.

Then had to go home and finish a paper...I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get full points on it, but it got turned in...I'm going to be happy with that!


  1. I know I hate going out on valentines day...so many people. Great job going to your first support group...I really like going to mine.

  2. Glad you wen to your support group- that is another step to success.
    In my house I am always telling my hubby that the more often we have sex, the better his health. He says I am trying to kill him!

  3. hahaha..this was soo funny!! Your husband is so super generous!! Well, I'm really excited for you having the VSG. It sounds like you haven't had it just yet. I'm new to our blog so still working on reading up on the old posts. I know you're going to love the sleeve.

  4. Sex equals exercise... now if you could figure out how you can achieve the 30 minutes required everyday of exercise with sex. Hummm maybe I may need to talk to my hubby about that.