Friday, February 3, 2012


I guess my snow dance last night worked too well (you should have seen it, it was awesome!), we're getting over a foot of snow today -- but we're off -- NO SCHOOL -- woo hoo!  (a big sorry to anyone flying into Denver today).

I can finally cross something off my list, I've gone a whole month (or close enough!) of drinking only one cup of coffee a day.  Only had one migraine, not sure if it was withdrawal or would have gotten it anyway.  It was a bad one, one with an aura and nausea -- the good news it only lasted half a day.  Not only have I reduced my coffee intake, I'm not using the fancy sugared creamers that taste like dessert in the morning.  Just using one packet of sweet-n-low.  I've reduced my diet soda intake to a couple times a week (not really a set goal, but happy about it).  I'm not a big fan of artificial sweeteners, so I can honestly say I'm able to use those within moderation so I'm not going to beat myself up too much about it.

I'm having a really hard time not eating right after work.  I'm tired, I just want to sit and feed myself.  I need to figure out what to do...It's amazing how much 'damage' I can do in between 4 and 6pm.  I'm also struggling with writing everything down.  Probably because I feel bad about the 4-6pm thing.

It's a process.

Partly I have a lot on my plate right now.  I'm flaking out on a lot of things, including taking care of myself.  I made a physical therapy appointment for my son on Wednesday, but I put it in my calendar for Thursday...yikes.  So on top of work, taking kids to their sports activities, my master's, along with my final project I am now adding PT twice a week for my older son (who took a fall on the ice in January and dislocated his knee cap) and I volunteered to be the resource nurse (along with another nurse) to teach  the before and after school personnel about medicine delegation, worker's comp, child abuse and universal precautions.  Thank goodness for the snow day today because I'm going to tweak the PowerPoint presentation for that.

I'm glad I'm waiting until the summer to do my surgery, I'll have so much off my plate and have time to take care of myself.  This is going to be the summer of ME.

I do love my job though....I get to have conversations like this:

Me: "what brings you to the clinic?"
Kid: "my brothers are sick"
Me: "do you feel sick too?"
Kid: "I'm not sure, I just know my brothers are sick"
Me: "did you come here to tell me that?"
Kid: "no"
Me: "okay, how are you feeling right now"
Kid: "well my brothers are sick"
Me: "okay, when you get sick come back to the clinic"
Kid: smiles, "okay, that sounds good" and he leaves.

Have a great weekend!


  1. It does sound your schedule is fully loaded right now and pushing the surgery back to summer was a good idea.

  2. Hi there!! Saw you commented on my blog and were following me so I stopped over to follow you as well. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. Ha - funny convo! I seriously want a SNOW day.

  4. I am off the caffeine right now waiting for surgery generally pretty good but boy those caffeine headaches can HURT! Good thinking weaning yourself off!