Saturday, January 28, 2012

What is my style?

The last time I was thin it was the early '90's. I can't even remember what the style was.  I'm pretty sure it's not a style I'd like to go back to because I vaguely remember knee socks with wool shorts and cable knit sweaters.  My wedding (in 1992) had a lot of pink and green (salmon and kelly green to be exact) -- not sure that combo really needs a comeback, except in a little girl's room (would so have loved to have had a little girl nursery, instead two boys, sigh).

I don't know how many of you out there are on Pinterest I know for sure that Drazil and Sheniqua is not (click on her name for a very funny blog post).  One of the things I find myself 'pinning' a lot are clothes.  I've never considered myself a fashionista.  I've stayed a bit away from that as a silent and silly rebellion against my mother -- background here, on my wedding day she told me how happy she was.  I replied with, "yes, Jason is such a wonderful man" and she said - - "no, it's because you're wearing make up".  How can you NOT want to rebel?  I don't wear make up, as a matter of fact we go out so rarely that when I do need to wear some I have to buy all new stuff.

But being on Pinterest and pinning some really cute outfits has made me realize that I do care a bit.  It's hard being the weight I am now for a various amount of reasons.  one is no cute clothes.  If you can find cute clothes they really don't look right, because frankly, my body doesn't look right.  And what is it with designers thinking that if you are overweight your arms must have also gotten much longer.  I'm not a freakin' orangutan -- just fat.  So normally I buy t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and a lot of kakis.  But when I lose this weight....I think I might have some fun.....

Here's a smattering of what I've been pinning lately (well in the fashion department at least).  I'm kind of excited about the whole clothes thing.

Everyone needs a little black dress.  
Love the comfy looking jeans, the loose peasant blouse.  As a matter of fact, my closet will be full of artsy peasant blouses.  Jeans...can't wait, the last time I wore jeans the waist was above the naval.  
My wardrobe, like my house, will be super eclectic.  How fun would it be to go to a business party in something like this?
Toile bathing suit...need I say more?
As a child of the 80's (when the Preppy Handbook first came out) it would be de rigueur to have this outfit.

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  1. Love your style. :) It is hard to dress nice when you're plus sized, trust me, I remember!

    It's hard to dress when you're thinner and have a bunch of loose skin, too. LOL

  2. I am a child of the 80's as well! I love me some 80's...especially the late 80's with big hair and acid washed jeans!

  3. I love your style!! I've also been busy on Pinterest pinning all the cute styles I want to try when I get all this weight off! I'm so excited about it! Thanks for sharing, and I am now following you on Pinterest...gonna check out your other clothing choices. :D

  4. I went from a size 30 to a size 10 after my WLS. I was 28 and I went the route of dressing like a teenager. I was a fat teen so I couldn't wear all the things teen girls wear... until I was 29 and dressing like Miley Cyrus. Now I'm a SAHM and live in yoga pants and t-shirts, but I've got some cute stuff stashed away for "emergencies".

  5. I love that black dress!


  6. Love your fashion sense!! I'm gonna look you up on Pinterest, too! The thing I'd love to wear is a little baby-doll-type really soft sweater with tights and boots. Love that look!! DH got me some gorgeous boots for Christmas, and I tried tucking in my pant legs. Ummm. No. I'm 5' 2", 210 (at that time), and looked like a Weeble. Maybe I'll get inspired and add something to that board that Pinterest creates for you... what's it called? My Style? LOL. I never had a style, even before I gained weight. I think it's high time to get me some!!

  7. Cute stuff! I'm still trying to figure out my style. I haven't had one since high school and even then, it wasn't impressive.