Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girl Scouts are Evil Geniuses

 (picture found on Blue Cricket Design)

Seriously, coming door to door with lots of choices of cookies -- cookies that will tempt all types of tastes -  lemon, mint, peanut butter, coconut, at the end of January when people have been starving themselves for a little over three weeks....evil-marketing-geniuses!

And as a school nurse I'm bombarded, they cart their little sheets into the clinic, with their cute little smiles and pig tails and sweet little voices and comments like, "my mom has them in her car right outside".

Oh, so now I don't even have to wait? Instant girl scout cookies?

I think we have a gazillion 'cookie-moms' at our school too. Which means a gazillion mini-vans filled with a gazillion cookies right outside the school in the parking lot.


And then I have to support all of my friends who have daughters who are girl scouts.

Yes, they freeze, so theoretically I can buy in bulk.

But then again, thin mints actually taste better frozen.

(picture found on google images)

I'm in trouble!


  1. I bought some this year, but the lady I bought them from ( had a program to send them to soldiers overseas... that's what I did!

    Can't trust myself around them!

  2. great idea! I'll send them to my brother over seas!

  3. just joined your blog! I have a standing order with them that I get 4 boxes of thin mints every year....I need to break this asap because I think they are going to come after I am banded...ok doesn't matter when they come...they are EVIL!!!!