Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lists are a b!t*h

I had so many goals and aspirations this month, this month that's almost over.  I've only exercised a handful of times, I haven't really adjusted my eating on a consistent basis (3pm is a bitch for me -- anyone else have that issue, what do you do about it?). I haven't made my psych eval appointment yet (hmmm, anyone willing to analyze that one?).  I made my physical appointment -- one where she insisted it was time for my Pap (ugh), how I made that one before a psych eval, I don't know; I guess I'm willing for some areas to be probed over others.

I haven't even gotten started on my thesis/project.

I have read a lot of blogs though.

Not just weight loss blogs, but decorating and crafty mommy blogs too.
Like I need to find more stuff to put on my list.

So what am I gonna do about it?

I was thinking about crawling into bed and finally finishing "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" that I downloaded on to my Nook at the beginning of January.

That might be counter-productive.

It sounds nice though doesn't it?

So today:

Finish one section of my project
clean out fridge 
organize pantry
plan menu
grocery shop
make dinner
exercise at least 10 minutes
update blog
walk dog
play with kids
organize linen closet
put away clean clothes

or pick some and call it a successful day.

Does anyone else make crazy lists that they have no hope in accomplishing?
Maybe I should add this to my list:

stop making lists!

One thing I have accomplished so far is I've gone a whole week with just one cup of coffee a day.
I'm bolding that, because really that's freakin' amazing for me!
I'm staring at my empty cup right now with longing.
But it's really my only accomplishment so I'm holding myself to it.
I'm not going to cross it off my accomplishment list until it's been a month though.

My friend/mentor suggested I back off the weight loss goal for a bit because I have so much on my plate.  Trying to lose weight is a good idea because I have so much time before my surgery.  On the other hand it's a lot of work with so much else on my plate. I making excuses for myself?  I think what I'll do is just concentrate on getting used to exercising regularly, make sure I eat more fruits and veggies, drink lots of water and revisit concentrating on weight loss sometime in March.

The good news is I'm not doubling up on any more classes, so it's just one class at a time for the next three classes until I'm done (May can't get here soon enough!).

Okay...I have a plan.
Rest of January and February, just exercise and eat more fruits and veggies. Get through school. Make it to a support group meeting.

Like how I didn't put that in a list format?


  1. When I make a list #1 on my list is always : make a list. That way when I am done making the list I get to mark one off and I already feel like I have accomplished something :)

  2. awesome! I should put breath on my list, i know I can accomplish that (and if not, I don't think the list will be an issue)

  3. I love lists and can't help making them. Just because it's so fun to cross things off of them! Keep your chin up - you can do it!

  4. At least you've knocked a few things off the list.


  5. Looks like you have a few things marked off your list, I rarely make lists, because I then promptly loss the list :o)

  6. Great list. I wish I could make one and even cross 3 things off it. LOL I am such a procrastinator.