Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the lingo

I've been reading a lot of blogs out there about weight loss.  It's my new obsession now that I've decided to do this thing (VSG) next summer.  I love reading about people's victories, how people are regaining their lives, how people are getting to wear BOOTS (priorities!).  I don't so much enjoy reading about the struggles but I'm so glad that people are putting that out there.  I feel for them, I understand them, I'm scared but frankly more prepared that I too will be challenged in the same way. I am happy that people tell the truth about their gains and losses and how they feel.

I think I'm also reading a lot of those blogs to procrastinate working on my master's.  Can I just say, I can't WAIT to be done with school!

I have come across some things I don't understand though.  You all have your own lingo out there and I'm such a new member to the 'club' I have no clue what you all are saying at some points.

I've never been that good at acronyms.  When I was in school to be a paralegal (100 moons ago) before my nursing gig (yeah,  I get bored easily and move on to other various careers - kinda ADD) I remember learning about SOL's (statute of limitations) in my mind I kept saying 'shit out of luck' -- come to think about it if you miss the SOL you really are SOL -- anyhow

Thank goodness I have a friend who is a veteran.  She's taken me under her wing.  And even better, the surgeon I'm going to is starting a mentor program and we're going to try and see if she can be mine (yay). So I emailed her a WTF email and she gave me some definitions to the 'lingo' that's out there.

I figured WLS out myself (weight loss surgery)
VSG (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) knew that one because it's all over the paperwork the MD gave me (that's a lot of paperwork)

what I didn't know:
NSV = non scale victory
onerlander = when you've been in the 200lbs range and you make it below the 200 mark (whoo hoo, onderland is the wonderland)
twoterville = getting into the 200's from the 300's.  I'm hoping it doesn't mean an increased about of gas because my house full of boys already is a 'toot-er-ville'.

I need a crash course in weight loss lingo -- if you have any others I need to know, please comment so I can get up to speed.

On a side note and all about me...Got some lab work back and my thyroid is totally off and my B12 and D levels are out of range on the low side.  No wonder I'm so freakin' tired all the time. Thankfully supplements are buy one get one free at Safeway.

I'm back at work today after two weeks off.  I find myself wondering, why couldn't that foot of snow that dropped at the beginning of vacation, upsetting my Christmas shopping plans, fall this week to give us a couple extra days?  Snow days should never be wasted on already off days...sheesh, who do I need to talk to?


  1. Well, if you follow lapband blogs, you'll see "PB" which is productive burp (when stuff won't go down and has nowhere to go but UP). I don't think you'll see that on VSG blogs though.

  2. Hi there! I noticed that you just started following my blog...Slice of Healthy, Please. So glad you stopped by. I had to come see who you were. Nice to meet you! I want you to know that I love my sleeve and I'd do it all over again if needed (won't be needed...wink). It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I wanted to throw something else out there that has nothing to do with acronyms. You may already know about it but if not, it will be like finding a hidden treasure. What is it? It's a forum called Vertical Sleeve Talk. Here's the site: http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/ Make yourself an account, it's free. I'm on there, PenPen. This place is awesome for a future sleever, present sleever, or a long ago sleever. There are so many topics brought up that maybe you've never thought about. The cool thing is that everyone there has a bunch in common and you can get tons of wonderful information there about the before, the during, and the after sleeve surgery from people that are either where you're at, just going through it, or a sleeve veteran. You can ask anything you want.

    Anyways, just thought I'd mention that. I'm so glad you are considering the sleeve. It's changed my life! Take care! Penny

  3. Haha, I remember seeing NSV for the first time and being completely confused!

    Reading about people's struggles can be difficult, but it's necessary, I think - everyone's journey has them, and it can help you prepare yourself for when things come up. I'd be entirely lost if it weren't for other people's accounts of their plateaus ... it's been invaluable help with helping me stay sane through my own.

  4. The only one I can thing of is TOM (time of the month) and OTR (on the rag). We sure love to talk about our monthly visitors.