Saturday, January 7, 2012


BYOC brought to blogland by It's just me Drazil and Sheniqua. I love stuff like this.  Probably because I'm a little insane (in a good way).

Yup, Bring Your Own Crazy  is 5 little questions you can answer in your own blog to give your blogging brain a break and to get to know each other better.  (My blogging brain needs a break, my regular brain needs a break too!)

Copy, paste and enjoy!

Drazil and Sheniqua (who are the same person) decided on a holiday/new year themed BYOC today (fun)!

1. How do you feel about NY resolutions? Do you make them? Do you forget about them quickly? Do they help you?

Even when I say I'm not going to make them, I secretly make them.  Then I don't do them, because I hate being told what to do....yes, I know it's me telling me what to do, but apparently even though my thoughts and ideas are fabulous and everyone should listen to me, I can't even listen to myself.  (This is the crazy of bring your own crazy -- right?)
2. Did you put up a Christmas tree? How many? Is it still up?

Three....One red and gold live tree in the living room.  This is the tree we go into the forest up in the mountains and cut down every year.  We tromp through a bunch of trees looking for the right size and shape (although, once we get them home they always look Charlie Brownish).  We listen to the kids whine. We haul the tree down the mountain on the highway hoping that this isn't the year it falls off the car and takes out a family in the car behind us with their own tree, or that the car in front of us doesn't lose their tree and take us out.  And we say to ourselves...we are good parents giving our kids such wonderful memories -- of us yelling at them to be quiet and enjoy the day because when we were kids, Jason didn't even get a tree and I had to split my Christmases between two parents!  

The other one is my husband's Star Trek tree and that's in our bedroom.  Yes, I married a geek....he's truly wonderful and as a prize for being wonderful he gets to buy Star Trek ornaments and have his own tree.  Because....Star Trek ornaments do not say Christmas to me so should not be in the main part of the house....Some of them even 'talk' It's creepy when the tree lights go on and the little Borg ornament says, "we are Borg, you will be assimilated" or something like that.  

The third is a family tree with all the fun ornaments collected and made through the years, that's in the family room.

They're all still up (except the live one...but the ornaments from that one are on the couch and none of the furniture is put back into place) 
Whatever, I'm getting my master's life is hell right now.
3. How many total Christmases did you choose to have to attend outside of your home?

Two company ones, I had two parties, one ornament exchange party and Christmas Eve and then we do Christmas morning at my sister-in-laws....she lives down the block so we wear our pj's then Christmas day is  my favorite...we do nothing, Jason and I play scrabble all day (okay, maybe I'm a geek too)  and the kids play with their new toys.
4. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Summer! This is my first year as a school nurse...I'll have it off, AND I'll be done with my master's! I can't freakin' wait! Last year I was on-call all summer, 21 hour work days, beeper PTSD, didn't know if I was coming or going....I love, LOVE school nursing. 

I also plan on getting my VSG surgery this summer.  Excited, yet apprehensive.
We're also planning on going to Italy some time this year!
5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blogland this week.

I've been concentrating more on weight loss blogs this week then my normal mommy/crafty blogs that I usually read.  I've also posted a lot on this blog and have sadly neglected my own mommy/crafty blog.  Whatever.  A lot of my posting and reading is because I'm procrastinating school work.  Work hasn't been great this week.  Can't really get much into work stuff on blogland...let's just say -- I'm bummed that snow is only in the forecast for this weekend and not during the week next week....could really use a snow day.

Okay, that was fun! And apparently aptly named.


  1. I agree - a snow day would be GREAT! Keep your chin up! Good luck this summer!

  2. You can't talk to the mommies and the crafties about your weight or obesity rants. It makes sense to post here more, now that you're getting VSG and your weight is actually on your mind. If that makes sense.

    Also, I love your blog. Your writing style is awesome. :)

  3. well Ronnie, that makes you my new favorite person ever! Thank you and you're right a lot of the mommie-crafter bloggers out there are a little too perfect and that's so not me!

  4. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to this year!

  5. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for following me! I look forward to getting to know you as well!