Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Red

If someone this pretty, thin, well dressed and successful is going to have a heart attack, I'm screwed!  Truthfully, there's just bad luck (in her case) and then there's environment (my case). It's another reminder why I need to lose weight. My health issues should be worse given my weight so  I'm pretty sure whatever health issues I do have will be solved or minimized with weight loss.

Oh, and there is the stress (she says in an 'aha' moment voice) I always forget about the stress (denial???)....because the scene above could so have been filmed at my house (well without the heart attack).  That won't be solved with weight loss.  I'll think about that when I have more time....(meant to be funny in a sad pathetic way!).

Stress and weight...sigh

So glad I have a massage scheduled today!

Take care of your hearts!


  1. Great reminder. My dad has had 3 heart attacks, several stents put in and a triple bypass surgery. I didn't want to face those problems which is why I made the decision to get healthy. Funny...never thought about the stress part.

  2. I'm in complete agreement! Thanks for posting. :)