Thursday, February 23, 2012

my version of a sausage biscuit

Anyone else love those breakfast sausage biscuits from McDonald's? Anyone even willing to admit it.  I do!  They 'stick to your ribs'. After one of those I don't need to eat for hours. And...breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- But I don't like how bad they are for you.  

So here's my version -- granted, still not the healthiest, but better.  Takes almost no prep time -- seriously ripping open a couple packages and throwing something into the oven and microwave. It's high in protein and a moderate amount of calories.  AND -- real biscuits.

 Have you seen these mini biscuits? They're real, you get that biscuit flavor and texture but better portion control.

The biscuits take 17 minutes in a 350 degree oven, and the sausage 70 seconds in the microwave.
 Serving size is two biscuits, we only use one.  It's enough, you get that biscuit flavor with just one.  So using one biscuit and two turkey sausages your calorie intake is 210 kcal, 10 fat gams, 14.5 protein g  & 11 carbs.
I'm not claiming it's a health food, but it's a better choice than the McDonald's sausage biscuit (430 kcal, 27 fat grams, 34 carbs & 11 g protein).  Even if you are one of those people who never ever crave them.

The kids love them too!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nurse meetings.....ugh

So the school district where I work has a health promotion obesity prevention initiative going on.  The all-day nurses' meeting was about that.  The first issue I had was the presenters were not that great.  I actually was looking forward to this talk because 1. this is what my final project is on and 2. I feel strongly about this issue -- I would love it if I could help prevent another person from having to feel what I feel on a daily basis about myself.  The presenters kept bumbling through the presentation and had a hard time regaining the attention of the nurses after the many, many exercises they gave us to do (and by exercises, I really mean exercises...push ups and such).  The other thing I didn't like was the emphasis that was placed on BMI's and targeting the kids that were already over weight and obese.  Yes, I get it, these are the kids at a higher risk for disease.  I get that they need help.  I also get that ALL kids benefit from a healthy lifestyle, not just those that are obese.  There's also an underlying feeling that because these kids (and adults) who look different because of  weight are targets for the unhealthy-police.  The kids that are thin might get missed.  Being thin does not automatically exclude you from disease.  All kids should be exposed to health-promoting education and activities.  Most kids should not be put on a calorie restrictive diet.  Rather they should increase fruits and vegetables, decrease screen time, increase activities and decrease sugar, especially sodas and 'grow' into their weight.  And again, ALL kids should be doing this.  This was the message of the lecture, but not sure if that's the message that got heard.  These were some of the questions and comments coming from the audience:

"I call parents up and tell them their kid's excess weight is preventable" a parent I'm going to respond to this how?  Why don't you just say, "hey you dumbass parent stop feeding your kids sugar and get him off the coach!" --

I have one kid who is tall and skinny, and another who is tall and built like a line-backer.  The linebacker is in Karate and swimming....he's solid, but with a baby face and a tummy -- we limit sodas and desserts to the weekend, he gets a ton of fruits and veggies (because I am a fruit and veggie nazi, and even sneak them in some of the main dishes, on top of having them as side dishes).  If I got a call like that, I'd freak out.

The nurse at the school where my younger son goes was sitting in front of me and I whispered to her that she didn't actually need to call me about my kid.  She laughed.

"How do you tell a parent their kid is fat?"

um, you don't!
You tell the parent if the kid needs to be screened for high blood pressure or other issues.  You send home information about resources, nutrition and exercise.

"Do I just call every parent with a kid who has a high BMI"

Thankfully the head of nursing addressed this.  Right now collecting BMIs are for data purposes only.  IF there is an issue like high blood pressure that corresponds with the BMI you mention to the parents that the kiddo has a high BP, oh and his BMI is whatever.

It was also addressed that some kids, especially those in sports, have skewed BMIs because of their muscle mass.

Not one of these nurses was mean, catty or without sympathy.  It's a genuine desire to make sure the kids of the district are healthy.

We just don't know how to talk about weight in this society.  We don't know what to do with it. We don't know how to handle it.  We want to judge people who are over weight, we want to judge ourselves when we are over weight.

It's a complex, multifaceted issue that can't be solved quickly. Especially if you want to solve it with preserving the self-esteem of some of these guys.

In the mean promotion for ALL students is something we can shoot for.

Did I speak up?

no --

because who is going to listen to the fat chick about anything to do with obesity prevention and health promotion.

Monday, February 20, 2012

okay, self-pay it is

Jason changed jobs and we got new insurance.  I was hoping there was a chance that this policy would have bariatric coverage so I called today to see.


You know what else we don't get, orthodontics.

I just wrote a nifty big check to basically have my son tortured for the next two years

but that's not the point of this story -- I'm just whining about the lack of insurance for pretty teeth and a smaller butt.

Seriously, obesity is a serious money drain for insurance would be cheaper for them to cover the surgery.  There's not a lot of foresight into that decision.

I so need to rule the world.

Self-pay it is. In one way that's good, I might have had to do the whole wait six months, now I can go ahead and get it done in the beginning of June like I originally planned (glass half full).

At least the orthodontist has a payment plan, wish that was the case for this surgery.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Support Group

Happy Valentine's Day
I've been so freakin' busy that it seemed more stressful to get out tonight with my husband then it would be relaxing to spend an evening with him.  The kids have plans this Saturday, so I just said to him, "I love you, I know you love me, can we just express that love on Saturday instead of Tuesday?"

He was good with that...

He did mention that he saw on television that having sex twice a week lowers a man's chance of having a heart attack. He assured me he was imparting this information because I'm interested in all things health and in no way was it for him.  He's generous that way.

No mention of what it does for a woman's heart though.


Went to my first VSG support group last night.  It was really interesting. I really liked the facilitator, she's one of the dietitians that contract with the surgeon I've chosen. There were people there from 15 months out (my friend) and others who are waiting for the surgery.  No one said anything that freaked me out or scared me or even surprised me.  The group of people were really nice.

Then had to go home and finish a paper...I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get full points on it, but it got turned in...I'm going to be happy with that!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A day off

Today my student didn't come in (I'm a one on one... I just have one student) usually when doesn't come in, I help out in the clinic, but today I just said..screw it, and took the day off!

it feels so naughty.

and a little good.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Red

If someone this pretty, thin, well dressed and successful is going to have a heart attack, I'm screwed!  Truthfully, there's just bad luck (in her case) and then there's environment (my case). It's another reminder why I need to lose weight. My health issues should be worse given my weight so  I'm pretty sure whatever health issues I do have will be solved or minimized with weight loss.

Oh, and there is the stress (she says in an 'aha' moment voice) I always forget about the stress (denial???)....because the scene above could so have been filmed at my house (well without the heart attack).  That won't be solved with weight loss.  I'll think about that when I have more time....(meant to be funny in a sad pathetic way!).

Stress and weight...sigh

So glad I have a massage scheduled today!

Take care of your hearts!

Friday, February 3, 2012


I guess my snow dance last night worked too well (you should have seen it, it was awesome!), we're getting over a foot of snow today -- but we're off -- NO SCHOOL -- woo hoo!  (a big sorry to anyone flying into Denver today).

I can finally cross something off my list, I've gone a whole month (or close enough!) of drinking only one cup of coffee a day.  Only had one migraine, not sure if it was withdrawal or would have gotten it anyway.  It was a bad one, one with an aura and nausea -- the good news it only lasted half a day.  Not only have I reduced my coffee intake, I'm not using the fancy sugared creamers that taste like dessert in the morning.  Just using one packet of sweet-n-low.  I've reduced my diet soda intake to a couple times a week (not really a set goal, but happy about it).  I'm not a big fan of artificial sweeteners, so I can honestly say I'm able to use those within moderation so I'm not going to beat myself up too much about it.

I'm having a really hard time not eating right after work.  I'm tired, I just want to sit and feed myself.  I need to figure out what to do...It's amazing how much 'damage' I can do in between 4 and 6pm.  I'm also struggling with writing everything down.  Probably because I feel bad about the 4-6pm thing.

It's a process.

Partly I have a lot on my plate right now.  I'm flaking out on a lot of things, including taking care of myself.  I made a physical therapy appointment for my son on Wednesday, but I put it in my calendar for Thursday...yikes.  So on top of work, taking kids to their sports activities, my master's, along with my final project I am now adding PT twice a week for my older son (who took a fall on the ice in January and dislocated his knee cap) and I volunteered to be the resource nurse (along with another nurse) to teach  the before and after school personnel about medicine delegation, worker's comp, child abuse and universal precautions.  Thank goodness for the snow day today because I'm going to tweak the PowerPoint presentation for that.

I'm glad I'm waiting until the summer to do my surgery, I'll have so much off my plate and have time to take care of myself.  This is going to be the summer of ME.

I do love my job though....I get to have conversations like this:

Me: "what brings you to the clinic?"
Kid: "my brothers are sick"
Me: "do you feel sick too?"
Kid: "I'm not sure, I just know my brothers are sick"
Me: "did you come here to tell me that?"
Kid: "no"
Me: "okay, how are you feeling right now"
Kid: "well my brothers are sick"
Me: "okay, when you get sick come back to the clinic"
Kid: smiles, "okay, that sounds good" and he leaves.

Have a great weekend!