Friday, August 9, 2013

one habit changed - 50 million more to go....

So the boys are going camping this weekend (I don't camp -- a cabin is even iffy).  A weekend all to myself, sounds great right now, but just a couple weeks ago I was moping around because the boys were gone at camp for a week....

anyhoo, this time it's all three boys (Jason and the kiddos)

Jason used to travel all the time, it's been years since he has (thank gawd).  In the past when he left town I would order pizza, buy some chips and a ton of chocolate and feel horribly sorry for myself....I found myself thinking of doing the same thing today

What DID I do?

I bought some seafood salad and an avocado, (ate half an avocado with a spoonful of the salad) cut up some cucumbers, had a couple cherry tomatoes and a tbsp of blueberries. Perfect dinner.

and later...for a treat...I got some of the dark chocolate covered Acai berries (YUM).

And here's the thing....I'm not even feeling sorry for myself...
or feeling lonely.

It's a good feeling.

Have a great Friday!

(update -- the rain washed out the trail head so they are on their way home...we're going to go see a movie instead)


  1. That sounds like a wonderful dinner. My husband use to travel a bit and I alway would search out the first take away store from the airport. It's great to see old habits DO change

  2. Hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet - and the new you :)