Saturday, August 24, 2013

Perfect Strangers Comment on Food -- Weird

This week I took an ACLS class(Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support -- basically CPR with meds and a lot of adrenaline for the nurse -- sometimes the patient too). So I was with a bunch of people who I do not know.

Went to lunch with some of them and this is what ensued.

I ordered a black bean burger, no bun, with tomatoes and onion.

And THAT generated a conversation about my lunch.

1. Are you a vegetarian?
2. Are you gluten free?
3 What diet are you on?
4. Is that really going to be enough food?


One girl, who really had a great curvy body, but realistically not within 'range' had a huge plate of beef, gravy and green beans, the other girl had a chicken veggie quesadilla - with a lot of cheese, she was a little thing and only 6 weeks post baby -- I kind of wanted to hate her but she was super smart, helpful, and nice (ICU nurse, they're the best and if I were younger, I'd aspire to get to the ICU).

After being all jealous that these beautiful women with beautiful bodies (in different ways) could eat whatever the heck they wanted to (they both professed to never exercise too -- life is freakin' unfair), I realized, they may have food issues.

Because I don't think what I ate was that weird in the land of the non-bariatric-surgical population.

Day two of the class, the teacher told us to bring snacks so we could power through and get out early.  I brought some turkey jerky and blueberries.

You would have thought I was trying to kill myself or something equally horrid.

This coming from the woman (again, cute little thing -- who was able to rock the purple and green streaks, even in her 40's - I could not do that) who brought convenience store coffee and hoho's for breakfast.



  1. When people ask about what I'm eating, I simply educate them on what it is and why I'm eating it. "It's full of protein to make me feel fuller, longer" or "It's so high in fiber, it's Nature's Broom!" LOL

  2. Yikes! That does not sound like a good breakfast for her! When I get questioned, I always say that I am just eating stuff I like. Yeah I think people have more food issues that they lead on!

  3. I love jerky! I think your choices sound great. I remember pre-surgery, I once had a lunch that consisted of pretty much all fried foods -- fried chicken, fried mushrooms and french fries. That is when I thought I ate weird. All that fried food!