Saturday, June 23, 2012

hit a wall and I'm going to whine about it

This was a little funny I saw on Pinterest.  I think the main reason I think it's funny is this is how my mind works.  The scale hasn't moved in the last couple of days.  I shouldn't be surprised. This is how it works. But seriously, with what I'm NOT eating, I was hoping for a bit more.  I'm also really tired right now too and crampy and grumpy.  I think I might actually be coming up on my TOM (and with PCOS...TOM is really Time of the Whenever my Body Feels Like It, rather then Month).

And food...oh my gosh.  I didn't realize how much I would miss it.  And how many freakin' food commercials are out there.  You have to be kidding me.  The first two weeks were great because my friends chipped in and cooked for the family. It was GREAT, I didn't have to think about it.  But now, I need to plan and cook for the family...normally, I love doing this, but lately, I just feel sad.  I wonder if alcoholics feels this way when they give up drinking? I guess the difference is (and I'm not judging which is harder, getting rid of any addiction is hard work)...but the alcoholic doesn't have to make her/his kids a cocktail every night.  I have to cook every night.

I almost licked the kids' faces the other night, just to get an essence of whatever they were eating.

I should make them things I don't like...but really I like most everything.

Right now I'm going to look at my ankles...because I have them again and I love that....can't wait to have knees again.

And be happy I'm already off my high blood pressure meds.

Oh yeah, and in talking about the whole weight loss stuff, forgot to mention I got my Master's...yay!  I was turning in my last assignment the night before the surgery --- talk about cutting it close.

OK, off my chest, already feeling better!


  1. Oh that dang wall!!! I have hit my head many a time!!! Just got off the scale actually and according to it from yesterday filled with good food choices, 60 min on the bike and under my calories I have gained 3 pounds!!! Seriously!!!! The drama that tiny machine can this is how I see it....I do what I do and eventalyy if I turn my head away from that wall, balance and truth will shine through!!!

    As for the fam kids love my cooking and are quite irritable that I have been having too many "fend for yourself" nights!!! However, skinny taste.c

    1. My computer is jacked today!! Anyhow, skinny has great low cal recipe's...I love her sight is has given me so many suggestions, I make my family eat like me and I am still amazed at how much the like it, ask for it and get mad when I don't cook it for them!!! Skinny nuggets are a Hugh hit with my 9 year old and bacon warped chicken bites are also a great one with everyone...lots of ideas, suggestions you won't be disappointed....Oh!!! Pictures too so you can see what it should look like!!:)

    2. I will so check that out, thank you, I love the tips that I get from readers and different blogs!...I just ordered some post-surgery cookbooks too. I'm looking forward to four weeks from now when I can start eating regular food again :D

  2. OMG - lick the kid's faces!!! LOLOLOL!!! Hang in there babe!

  3. Congrats on your masters! You have been so busy! That must be a bigger "weight" off your shoulders! Keep pushing. You are going to punch right through that wall.

  4. I feel the exact way about the scale. Knowing how I used to eat, I feel I should be losing faster. I guess it's good to keep in mind the non-scale victories in times like these. Getting off your meds is a huge benefit! Congrats.

  5. lick the kids faces....had me rolling!