Saturday, June 2, 2012

Three to the new me ----

So I figured this last weekend would be me getting ready for my surgery, cleaning, organizing, pedicure, massage...who was I kidding?  Why is this not going to happen?  Because I'm the queen of freakin' procrastination - that's why.  And to top it off, the website Jason is working on is going to go live this weekend, so he's going to be no help.  I have a paper due, I have to clean up my capstone project and get that all done this weekend.  I'm not going to the lovely Paris Street Market flea market today with my friends, or get that pedicure and I cancelled my hair appointment yesterday -- thank goodness I'll probably get to wear a surgical cap for the surgery.  I will either be driving kid 2 to karate, and kid 1 to baseball, making dinner and working on my papers.

I think one of the reasons I'm getting this surgery is because I'll have an excuse to rest for a couple of weeks.

Maybe it's good that I'm so busy, I won't be able to concentrate on all those 'what if' thoughts I have about surgery.

But hey, school will be done on Monday and the new me will begin on Tuesday--- whew, deep breath...

Assuming I pass, I will get to start the new me with an advanced degree -- not bad.

I can do this.


  1. Get it done now, because next weekend you will not feel like doing anything.

  2. One thing I packed for surgery was Biotene mouth spray (in the toothpaste aisle). It was the first thing I wanted the moment my eyes opened post-op. Very light mint flavored and really helped with my cotton mouth. It was around 5 bucks, but well worth it.

  3. You can do close --- yippee!!!