Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NSV, crossing stuff off my list

starting weight: 318
weight last week: 304
today's weight: 298

So yay, I've lost 20lbs -- in two weeks.  But, really although I know I should be happy, and in a small way I doesn't feel like that much of an accomplishment because I've lost this twenty pounds lots of keeps wanting to come back though.  I'm hoping when I break that 40 pound loss and still see loss, I'll feel like this is really going to steps.

Also, I have a confession, I was getting on the scale every day.  Even though they tell you not to, I still did because it was exciting...a pound a day..that's biggest loser kind of stuff. But then twice this week the scale did not register those kind of losses. And I get that whole thing about the body adjusting, reworking itself into this new person....but still....there's understanding and there's wanting.  I think I'll stick with once a week for now.

Good NSV (non scale victory) this week is small, but I'm happy with it.  A few weeks ago when one of the kids had to get something out of the trunk and I was in the driver's seat, I would actually turn off the car, take my key out and use the key to open the trunk remotely......I couldn't bend over and get the lever.  Today, I was able to leave the car running and bend over and pull the lever --- even with my seat belt on -- to open the trunk so the kids can get there sports gear in and out.  It's small, but it's the beginning of even bigger and better NSVs.

So, how's the food and drink going?
I know all surgeons do things's how mine does it:
1st week, protein drinks and fluids (attempt to get 60-75g of protein)
2-3rd weeks, same as a above plus every two hours one ounce of egg whites, refried beans, cottage cheese, yogurt, or pudding.

I'm starting the third week.  I've had a hard time, even with planning, eating every two hours -- frankly, I'm not that hungry and I forget, life gets busy.  And it's not like any of those things is super exciting.  Except for the first day, where refried beans seemed the best thing EVER.  Now, not so much.  The last couple days, I've been doing much better though.  I do have to say the only thing that gave me any trouble were the egg whites.  I ate half of my cooked one ounce of egg whites and told my husband, I just couldn't eat any more.  Jason cracked up.  I can do it now, which is good because the egg whites are my favorite of all of my choices. A friend had suggested that my stomach is still healing and that might be what the problem was.

So --
loving the Premier brand of protein shakes (you can get them at costco) they have 30g of protein, 3g of carbs.
Have also been putting Jay Robb's orange protein powder into plain greek yogurt to umph (that's a word!) my protein.
Bariwise hot cocoa (15g protein) not bad
Bariwise peach iced tea -- couldn't finish it -- would not recommend it.

After I'm finished with this phase, I get three weeks of soft foods. Tuna is on that I can't wait for tuna.

I've been dreaming about what my first 'real' meal should be -- grilled salmon and grilled asparagus -- at least my 'fantasy' food is getting healthier.


  1. NSV's all are doing fantastic! by my third week I was HUNGRY! so I think it is great that the hunger monster hasn't hit yet!

  2. I have always weighed everyday, some people don't. Nothing to stress about! And i get you on the first 20 pounds, but this is just but one milestone of all that is to come. Give yourself some credit and keep at it!

  3. Thats awesome! My 1st food was a 1/4 slice of my fave pizza - i think to really see if I could still eat it... and it was sooo good but after knowing that I could I didn't crave it anymore.

  4. don't feel bad about the weighing. Some people do weigh every day, some once a week, etc. My rule is that I weigh any morning that I want to, I just do it after I go potty and before I eat. Do what feels right for you.

  5. Did you have to do clear liquids anytime? I am trying to get a list together of clear things, but it seems pretty limited to jello, broth, and and crystal light... Any suggestions?