Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 1 - C25K

Okay, I finally took the plunge.  I'm so thankful I've had those few weeks of working up to this first day of C25K and I'm thankful for my wonderful hubby who walked and jogged along side of me and encouraged me to keep moving (because frankly, if I were alone I would have said 'f' it after the first 10 seconds of the jogging part). And a big ol' thank you to my thigh and butt fat for applauding me while I jogged.

After today I may extend the C25K program to two week intervals instead of one week intervals...and ease my way into it.  Jason said to wait until the end of this week before deciding (although, I've pretty much decided).  This isn't a race, it's going to be a way of life for me and so I have time to ease my way into it.

I am proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone...part of it is the embarrassment of how I must look huffin', puffin', jigglin' and lumberin' around the track. Part of it, is it just hurts.  But I overcame this for this day to try it.  Each time I (or any of us) overcome some fear or physical hurdle it is a victory and I need to remember those small victories when I start the negative self-talk.

Feel free to remind me of this on my next whiney post!

Have a GREAT Monday everyone.


  1. Great job on starting C25K! I still struggling with the "it hurts" part but it DOES get easier. :)

  2. Way to go!!! C25K is how I got my start so long ago and it's a great program. You will amaze yourself at how you are able to advance!

    I'm proud of you! :)

  3. Me too!! Today is Day 1 for me as well. Heading out to the gym in about 30 with a friend for moral support :-)

    Never been a runner but always wanted to be. Little steps right!

    Good luck!

  4. Good job! I would like to do this too. Keep us posted on how it goes.

  5. Great job. I heard somewhere that we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to succeed.

  6. You're awesome! I just started, too. So I'm in the same huffing and puffing boat.