Wednesday, August 8, 2012

weekly weigh in and I hit 40 baby - woot

Starting Weight 318
Last Weight 280
Current Weight 278

I'll do the math for you...that's 40 pounds, exactly...Woot.

And even better, it didn't look like it was going to happen but it did.

sooooo relieved.

I just walked for an hour (and by the way for living in the Plains (just east of Denver) I live in a hilly neighborhood) and must shower, but I just had share!

Will post my progress pictures later...again, need that shower before I am photographed...for your well-being as well as my own :D

Have a great Wednesday everyone! The weekend is just around the corner.


updated my progress and pictures' tabs to show progress -- I decided to take measurements and have lost 12.5 inches.  Not bad.


  1. Great job, lady! So proud of you. That's a big milestone - 270's and 40 gone. :)

    1. thanks! I'm pretty happy myself!

  2. To all of TZ's online friends: I'm her walking buddy and she's too sweet to really shout it loud and proud. But in the 5 weeks or so that we've been walking, she has really picked up the pace and is rocking this whole exercise piece. 0530 ladies: yes, it is dark and she is saying "let's keep going!".

    TZ: you look fabulous. You have always been a happy person, radiating warmth and joy but with each passing day, you also radiate more health and fitness also while sporting fewer and fewer pounds! Proud to call you my friend!

    1. ahhh, Miss Martha you make me cry and blush! I'm proud to call you friend also!

  3. Way to go!!! That's so wonderful, 40lbs is such a milestone. I wish I had kept measurements...such a great way to track progress.

  4. I'm so happy to hear YOU sounding so happy again, too. It can get scary when the scale doesn't register the work you know you are doing.... I am really glad you are doing measurements too! I'm also glad the scale caught up with your effort today! xo

    Forty pounds. Wow.

  5. Congrats! Nicely done, nicely done.

  6. That's fantastic! I'm super stoked for you. I was all set to run tonight and then a massive severe storm blew in. Given the fingers of lightening are still scratching across the sky, looks like it will be an early 5am run for me tomorrow.

    Thank you for the motivation! I love reading success stories.

  7. That is fantastic, I have to second Martha's comment. You are a great person, and we all love you.

    Also, I can see a difference in the pictures. You have always been a wonderful and gorgeous person, with a big heart. Even though there is less of you, you are still that person. Congrats on your milestone, I hope mine goes as smooth.