Tuesday, August 7, 2012


so, I'm back down to the 280 poundage that I weighed in last Wednesday....so hopefully no other 4 lb weight gain in one day and tomorrow for my official weigh in I can at least be the same as last week....it's probably hoping too much but maybe even 1 lb below?  Whatever, I'm just happy my weight loss is back on track.

Went to the endrocrinologist today...he's going to continue monitoring my Thyroid but has decided to wait until my weight stabilizes before checking out all the PCOS and other hormones...he said I will be totally out of wack (it's a medical term -- I'm a nurse, remember)  for the coming year.

I'm good with that.

And score, my blood pressure 116/78

I LOVE LOVE being off my high blood pressure medications and having readings like that!

And....he called me a rock star, he said almost 40 lbs in three months is awesome.

Okay...will check in tomorrow with my official weigh in

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Congrats on the normal BP! I need to get my PCOS bloodwork checked soon. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Having a normal BP is awesome! Keep it up! :)

  3. Woohooo - rock on wit yo bad self!

  4. So jealous on that bp!!! 40 pounds in 3 months is being a rockstar!

  5. Wow! 40 pounds is 3 months is a lot!!! Congrats and keep doing what you are doing, it's working!!


  6. great bp and congrats on working it!