Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In but on Thursday

Starting Weight 320
Last Weight 268
Current Weight 264

Weight lost 56...yay.

I was at my doctor's office for my three month check in and I found out my starting weight was actually 320, not 318, so I'm changing it here.  I must have blocked that bit of information when I originally heard it, but now that it's coming off I can now process it.  Sort of. Anyhow, everything is on track, and the doc's office is happy with my progress.

I am so tired right now. You know how E.R. nurses cringe at the full moon? Well I think school clinics get some of that too.  Let's just say, lots and lots of drama.  Crying.  Begging to go home. And me, AKA nurse Ratchett, saying, 'um, no, back to class".

This week's weight roller coaster has been a ride.  My last weight was 268, then I dropped down to 262 then up to 269 and at the end of the week settled on 264.

Did I mention I'm tired?

I'm tired.

Exhausted, really.

Gotta hop in the shower and gird my loins for another crazy day in the clinic.  It doesn't help that it's so darn hot and no one remembers their water bottles.

Drink water people!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I swear I looked at that and thought you meant 56 in one week. See, I'm tired too! Either way, congrats on the loss - that's wonderful!!!

    Full moons make us all a little crazy...hopefully the weekend will be here soon and bring some peace. :)

    1. wouldn't that be nice...I could get to goal weight in like 2 and a half weeks....

  2. Congrats on your weigh loss!


  3. Nurse Ratchett - bahahahahaha!!! That can't feel good if that is who you are identifying as! :-) It sucks to feel like you have to be the bad guy, esp. when you are in a job like "nurse" - you want to HELP people! Hope it settles down and you feel more like...Florence Nightengale?? (WASH YOUR HANDS!!!) soon! :-)

    Super loss! Although I understand why with the up and down it would still freak ya out some. xo

    yay. (quoting you. :-P)

    1. I'm usually pretty nice but that 5th grade girl drama gets a little old

  4. Oh no. Hope everyone keeps their whiny-pants at home today!

    Great loss this week! Haha, Nurse Ratchett... made me LOL.

    1. yesterday was much better....I'm hoping today will be too...but the day before a three day holiday makes the kids a little squirrly :D or maybe it's just the full moon? who knows. Thanks!