Tuesday, January 29, 2013

and my cholesterol is up? WHAAT?

So it's really been over six months, but this is when I could get into the MD office for my check up....and guess what.... my cholesterol is high.


Yup, I have never, ever had a cholesterol issue and given my weight and having PCOS this was a surprising but great thing (genetics actually working for me here).

Then I have this surgery, and yay I'm off my blood pressure meds...and I've lost weight - 90 pounds, double yay...but...and you are about to read this correctly...my cholesterol went up...up to the point that it's out of range...LDLs went from 73 to 112. It's not critical. It's not even an earth shattering thing.  The Med Assistant at my primary just called and gave me that arbitrary, exercise more and lose weight and it should come down.....and when I said, 'but doesn't it seem weird that I've just lost 90 pounds and it went UP" I got a "hmmm - well at this point just exercise more" -- thankfully we don't have video phones otherwise she'd have been privy to my eye rolling.

Have you ever heard such a thing --- I mean about the cholesterol, not the non-helpful conversation with the MA at the MD office...pretty sure you all have had that experience (sadly).

Neither did the nurse at the Bariatric Center.

I mean, she has never come across this. Never Ever.

At this point, it's a 'let's just see what happens at the year appointment blood work'

Which is fine. Who knows it could have just been a blip.

That's the thing about medicine. It's sometimes more of an art than it is a science.  Like art you need to have some rudimentary knowledge, but you also need to use a lot creativity and intuition.  The more I'm in the field, the less I know (that's a lot like parenting too) and the more I realize no one really knows KNOWS..you know?

But damn it, I want to know....

it's irritating.

So for now I wait....unless any of you have heard of this? Have you?....and if the person died, I don't want to hear about it.

The work front....so I got this recruiter call OUT.OF.THE.BLUE from my Linkedin profile.  And this is funny and a little depressing.  She asks me what my experience is (experience that is listed on said Linkedin profile) and then after I tell her, she says, "oh, we can't use you, you need your more recent experience to be in med-surge ---uh, you called ME, I did not solicit this position.  I don't even want to be a travel nurse in Texas...because I LIVE in Colorado. WTH.  And to add insult to injury, she also emailed me and then called again.  Because I love to hear I'm obsolete over and over for a job I don't want and didn't apply for.

Again, happy I don't have a video phone.  I'm very good at eye rolling during meaningless and stupid phone conversations.

I do actually have good news on the work front. I have two interviews set up for Thursday. One is a clinical coordinator position at....drum roll, and this is my FIRST choice....a Bariatric Center, minutes from my house (although a competitor of my own surgeon....a respected competitor). And the other interview is a clinical coordinator for a dialysis unit (which is my back ground before school nursing). Pros and Cons for both.

Think good thoughts for me on Thursday!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. I have never heard of that and in fact, I'm surprised they didn't ask you about maybe what you had been eating the past couple days, if you didn't fast long enough or at all, etc. I am saying BLIP! Also, how cool would it be to work at a bariatric center???

    1. it would be sooo cool...but a long shot...my only saving graces are my master's and personal bariatric experience....I will have to so sell myself during that interview :D

  2. I guess I agree with Chelle..maybe what you had been eating prior to testing could have caused it? I would check it again in a few months.

  3. Like those aobve...could have been the food, could also be that they mixed up your results?

    Thats awesome news about hte job front!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. That would be hella cool to work at a bariatric center... seriously helping people really change thier lives for the better! Good work!!

  4. Hey T! I have never heard of anyone having lost weight and gained in cholesterol level :S My dad just got some crappy results on his analysis and so he's got to go on a diet now but it was the opposite way: he gained weight and his cholesterol went up.

    Have a good one and yeah I would have rolled my eyes too if she would have told me to exercise :P


  5. Frustrating, to be sure. I have no idea why your cholesterol would bump up - that is maddening that the doctor wouldn't have any idea why - boo! Thinking of you on Thursday - I hope you get exactly what you want!!!

  6. My cholesterol skyrocketed after losing weight. It stunned my doc and I too. No explanation but I'm now on Crestor. Hopefully will be able to eventually stop them. I have a sneaky feeling though it might have more to do with genetics and menopause than weight loss. Not to worry.

    1. too true...I'm at an age and given my PCOS peri-menopause and menopause are distinct possibilities...I'm hoping they don't sky rocket though :(

  7. I have never heard of that either. Maybe it was just a fluk. Doctors can be so NOT helpful at times....ugh..... Great job on your weight loss!