Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 320
Last Recorded Weight 232
Today's Weight 230
-2/+2 (but -90 total)

So I am down two from my unfortunate increase..It was scary because there was no movement until yesterday, which was so frustrating because I was really trying.  So whew!

And the job front...well I had an interview/chat with the nurse recruiter for a dialysis company here (a different one from the one where I used to work) I'm thinking I may be destined for dialysis.  It's good, I like it.  The job I'm looking at is just below the clinic manager, and sort of the job you take because you're interested in some day becoming a manager. I always thought my MSN would steer me towards teaching, but maybe I'm headed towards management.  I know that being a generally happy person who likes everything may seem like a good thing...but it's makes it really hard to make decisions. Anyhow the chat went well...we were on the phone for an hour, she's awesome and she did a great job in selling the company. She said that the culture of this company is 'touchy-feely' and they give lots of hugs....I guess she got some negative feedback about that.  I told her not to worry, my mother's side is'll be like a family reunion -- I'll just have to stuff down the WASP side of me (trust me, half WASP, half Cuban -- it's an, um interesting combination -- my husband calls me a WASPina, he's a funny guy).

I digress.

The point is, I'm kind of excited!

The only thing that gives me pause is turning in my notice....I really love the people with whom I work. I love the kids. My current job is fun.  I just don't get paid enough and sometimes I get the impression teachers think of me as someone who ONLY doles out Band-Aids (FYI -- there's a LOT more to my job). Anyhow, I hate disappointing people (yeah, like that isn't an issue with MOST people who have weight issues -- am I right?).  But making double what I'm making now (even a bit more), room for advancement, saving lives (as opposed to enhancing lives), and more respect -- just sayin'.

It's been hard having Jason out of the country. Kudos to all you single moms out there, there is NO way I could keep up this pace by myself for the next 7 years without Jason. I am counting the days until he returns...he, is having a great time and is loving his experiences so far.  Although, the hotel he just checked into doesn't have toilet paper...just a "butt hose" as he texted me.  The hotel is 20$ a night, and one of the best in town. 

Hmmm, I'm not as jealous as I was yesterday.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. It is always hard to say good-bye and head down a new path. But I would say this is your path- so go for it with a smile. You can always keep in touch with people if you want to long-term.

  2. congrats on moving the scale down!

  3. So much luck at the new company - sounds like a fantastic opportunity!