Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 320
Last Recorded Weight 230
Today's Weight 228

Back down to my lowest...yay.

So.....I chopped it all off.  I couldn't decide what to do so I just said, "No red, different, perky and happy" and let her perform her creative genius and interpret that the way she wanted.

And...I wasn't disappointed.  

My kiddos are home sick so I've been home too.  Poor little dudes.  The 10 year old was crying and whimpering about 2 this morning so I got up to give him some more Advil.  I crawled into his bed with him and cuddled him back asleep.  He was burning up and breathing quickly, and my random, oh so motherly thought was, "This is it, he is going to be patient zero in the zombie apocalypse"   

I don't do 2 in the morning very well...the 13 year old was up and down the night before, so I'm on two days without sleep.

So the NUT who facilitated the 6 month class talked to us about doing a Burpee Challenge.  A Burpee is a "pushup on crack" you can read about it here.  I tried one and just getting from the squatting position to the push up position nearly killed me. I think it might take me a couple of weeks to do just one. But I'm thinking of doing it.  I loved the C25K....but never finished it because it got cold and I'm a big baby. This I can do inside. So by the time I get this done it'll have warmed up enough to start the C25K again.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. I love the hair!!! Poor babies though, I hope your boys are better quick!

  2. Love the hair hope your kids are better soon!

  3. Love the haircut!! I'm scared of burpee's...!!!!!

    Are you a zombie fan? There is a book called Patient Zero (Johnathan Mayberry), very worth reading!!!

  4. Very cute hair! Hope the kids get to feeling better quickly!