Sunday, September 9, 2012

can you lose 60 lbs in just your face?

I posted pictures (under pictures tab) since I'm at the 60 pound mark. And I know I've posted this before but it's really hard for me to see a difference, or much of a difference. My husband says he feels it when he hugs me. I see it in my face (but hard to believe most of the 60 pounds is in my face). I see that my clothes are little baggier, but they do still's not like they're falling off of me.

It's amazing to me that I became this overweight.  I don't think it's so much that I'm used to being thinner that I can't see the difference but more that I never looked at myself because I was too afraid to do so.

We had no full length mirrors.

If I ever looked in a mirror is to concentrate solely on my face -- IF I decided to wear makeup that day.

I really didn't know what I looked like. A general idea, but not until I started taking these pictures did it really hit home.

And to know that I got to the point where 60 pounds lost isn't a much more dramatic change is a bit depressing.

I'm not depressed, just this thing is depressing.

I know that I'm taking charge of my life, that this is in the past. But it is something I need to address with myself, so that it doesn't happen again.  I can't be so easily swayed by denial.  Denial is a very comfortable place to in...but not healthy, at least in this case.

So for this day forward, no more denial about what fat/obesity looks like - physically and emotionally.

It may not be comfortable but I can handle it and it's good for me.


  1. I TOTALLY get where you are coming from!! I've lost 72 lbs and just now am starting to get rid of clothes. I see a big difference in your pics!!

    You are doing AWESOME!!! Clothes are a weird thing. Sometimes I'm two sizes smaller now, sometimes only one, sometimes not at all. But I know my body is changing because I am seeing it. Try to get a really good look and you'll see it. I started noticing my loss in my neck and collarbone areas and then around my flanks and now I'm seeing that my shoulders are looking thinner!!!

    Keep it up! I'm right there with you on the "this is depressing" thing!!! Before we know it none of clothes will fit and then we will be complaining we have no money for new clothes :)

  2. I feel ya 100% you should read my blog post from a couple hours ago. I'm going thru the same thing. The issue I am having you identified I did not know what I looked like.

  3. Oh my goodness! I can really see the change. You can see the door knob in your recent picture, but not in the other ones!!! You look great. Keep it up.

  4. I soooooo feel you, but I see a HUGE difference! I'm not sure if you're good with photoshop, but one thing I like to do is crop my pics so they are the same and then put them side by side. It helps me see the difference much more clearly that just looking at them.

    You are doing amazing, congrats on hitting 60!!!

  5. I see a big difference! We're always our toughest critics. My weight gain crept up on me...because I was usually the photographer and I also didn't use full size mirrors. I was in denial...never again!

  6. I see a very big difference and those pants look way too big on you now. You should take some measurements and then You may notice more....Your doing amazing!

  7. I see a very big difference, too. I'm surprised you can't see it...except I know I can have that issue with myself. But your body has really changed from the first set to the third set of pics - are you doing your measurements? You should if you aren't.

    Anyway, congratulations on the wonderful loss, you are doing terrific. I hope you can feel that success in EVERY way. xo

  8. I can TOTALLY see the difference. Way to work it!! I feel the same way though. I look at photos and can't "see" the difference in myself. I love how you took the photos in the same clothes. Makes the difference obvious (to us!).

  9. When I saw you walk into our meeting today, I noticed you've got more of the hour-glass figure going. And your face: thinner and radiating a sense of health/happiness/energy that wasn't there before.

    You are looking marvelous my friend, simply marvelous. (course you have always been beautiful!)

  10. Not long after I hit my goal weight, I bought a full-length mirror and had hubby install it on the bathroom door at the end of the hallway. Now, I admire myself every time I walk by it. But before my weight loss, I avoided all mirrors. I hated them. Funny how things change....