Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight 320
Last week's Weight 256
This Week's Weight 255

I so know why I have not done well...I'm doing that come home at four and graze until dinner....what am I doing? I don't feel satisfied...I'm not hungry...I'm tired.

I'd be better off taking a nap.

Must stop doing this before it becomes a habit again...

Part of the grazing...


bad bad bad Rolos.


Okay, back to basics...I've screwed up here and there, but this is the first time I didn't rally right need to get it together!

Logging food
making better choices.....

I can do it!

Also thinking about changing jobs....I never got my pay increase for my Master's (we're talking 4,000 dollars a year) and I hardly make anything....not even on a teacher's salary.

I love my job...

but there is a certain lack of respect of the district when it comes to the nurses....and most of the nurses in the district do not need the money and so they do not fight...I like my position....I can keep working for this salary...but part of me also thinks...really?

Anyhow --- I did the numbers

My job now
1480 hours, 185 days and 30K/year
a job at a hospital in pre-op
1872 hours, 156 days and 52k/year
more hours but less days and a lot more money...


I really like my job though.

But I also like being debt free.

Tune in later.

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  1. I hope your choices come clear to you. Have you ever thought about doing home health nursing? No weekends, regular hours, lots of flexibility?? :)