Friday, September 21, 2012

oh alright pictures

so today was an inservice day so the district nurses had a meeting where we learned about useful things like concussion management and how to get rid of bird mites (itch much?)  I finally wore my smaller clothes and I got lots of, "wow, you're looking great," or "wow, how much have you lost" Truthfully part of it felt good, but part of it made me super self conscience. My friend, Martha, fellow nurse, although she's nurse extraordinaire...seriously she's super smart, and other friend and fellow nurse, Pam (amazingly caring!) and I went out for lunch and afterwards Martha told me to give her my phone so she could take pictures of me....I've been meaning to blog ME with my new clothes -- so why not!
 Me and Pam....She's letting it all go gray and is looking great! I'm thinking of doing that myself.  I can almost see a waist!
 Hmmmm....well, work in progress....but hey, they're blue jeans...haven't done that in awhile.  oh and better yet...$21.99 at Ross -- my new favorite store.
The sweater/cover $10.99 at Ross. I like my new jeans...if they had a pair one size smaller, I would have bought it at that price for a couple months from now (yeah, I'm optimistic)

Have a great Friday!


  1. Hey looking good!! Congratulations on your progress so fine keep up the good work!!

    It feels good when people acknowledges your effort, doesn't it!?

    Have a good one!


  2. You look fantastic!!! I love Ross for clothes - and those jeans are killa!

  3. You look beautiful...and happy. :-) And hurray for truly supportive friends. :-)