Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In - on Thursday again..

Starting Weight: 320
Last Weight: 264
Today's Weight: 261

Total weight lost: 59 lbs.

Almost to 60 close...whoo hoo...I think next week I'll get there!

We've been doing C25K (you can see the schedule here here) now for three weeks. Although, we are only on week two of the schedule...we're taking it slow. Well, I'm taking it slow and my husband is just amusing me.  I do have to say it is getting easier each time we do it.  I was telling Jason, my husband, that it's still hard for me to believe we'll be at a point where we're running the entire time.

And by running, I mean bouncing at a walking pace.

Have a great Thursday everyone....Just two more days until the weekend.

Unless you have kids in sports, which I do, so really there is never ever a weekend.


This is not something other parents told us when we were contemplating parenthood......


  1. lol---when is me time...very hard to find!!! Great job on the weight loss!

    1. me time? what is this 'me time' you speak of? such a foreign concept!

  2. So close to 60!! Exciting! :)

    And I hear you... I never have free time. EVAH! Why is that? Surely there's a place we can send these children on the weekend?

  3. Great Job! Soooo Close to 60!
    I also enjoy bouncing at a walking pace.. I call it slow-jogging
    Have a great Day!

  4. Oh man, I get excited about going back to work sometimes with the weekends being so busy. It's crazy!

    And you know what, bouncing at a walking pace is still faster than everyone on the couch! :)

  5. Both of my kids are grown now....whew...I finally have weekends to myself. Marching band just about killed me when my son was in high school...Friday night games and competitions on Saturdays that lasted from morning until late at night. So glad those days are over :)

  6. ooo so close. It will be there next weigh-in... probably beyond! :) And way to go with the C25K. It is an awesome goal/program. I bounce at a walking pace too. A little faster each time... but still slow. I don't care! Like Chelle said... faster than the yahoos on the couch. :) Keep it up!!

  7. woo hoo!!!! I'm also doing the C25K and I am glad someone else does the bouncing at a walking pace hahaha perfect way to describe it!!! My jogging is definitely more like that than running!! But we are doing it!

  8. Congrats on the loss! Keep up the good work!