Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 320
Last Week's Weight 258
This Week's Weight 256

I've been so bad about blogging. I used to blame it on getting my master's.  I blamed a lot of things on getting my master's and yet I am still dropping the ball on a bunch of stuff.  Ugh. And I'm not getting my master's any more (because I have it, not because I gave up). So...I think I finally have to admit it to myself.  I am a flake.


The good news.  I went shopping and bought some 2x stuff.  Then kept it on the chair in my room for a couple of days wondering if I should try it on.   So I tried it on and it fit...WOW. I really am a size smaller.  It's been a long...LONG time since I've been there.  Not only did they fit, but I could see a difference when I wore those clothes.  I showed my husband - who was not quite as excited as I was.  When I asked him why, he said he wasn't surprised because he's been telling me I'm smaller for weeks now.  I'm the one that had to 'catch up'....

So caught up now....

Will post pictures later.

Have to go do really important pre-work brush my teeth and get dressed.


  1. Haha, love your husband's response! Congrats on the smaller size, lady.

    Great loss this week. :)

  2. Great loss!!! It's hard for us to "catch up" to our bodies...I'm still not there, so maybe someday?? :)

  3. You are not a flake, you are a busy person balancing many things, and doing a great job of it.

    Wonderful weight loss, congratulations! How exciting about the "downsizing"!! :-D

  4. Yay for clothes that fit! Your husband's response made me laugh. :)

  5. I'm going to out you to your online support group: ladies and gentleman...Tracey did not just buy new clothes...NO, she was wearing blue jeans: sexy/stylish/NON MOM jeans today. She was rocking them so good I took a picture of her rear view (with her phone) and send...send it to your Hubby. :) Because well, I know her husband would appreciate the humor of it all...

    seriously, you've always been beautiful. With this new-healthier you, you were looking so stylish today: not hiding behind super-sized clothing....instead, celebrating your new curvy figure!

    1. are awesome! thank you so much for being such a support! If I knew how to download the pictures I'd post them.