Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. What the heck...I'll try this, it looks fun.  Not sure who started this or to whom to give credit, but my side bar of followed blogs indicates this is a popular post to I'm in.

2. I have washed the clothes in my washer three times now.  I keep forgetting to put them in the dryer.

3. I am loving this fall/autumn weather.  I wish we had just two weeks of summer and just two weeks of winter and the rest of the year was fall and spring.

4. I cut up some jalapenos for the chili I made -- another reason to love fall -- and even though I've washed my hands like four times, my face under my nose and around my mouth are burning.

5. I touch my face way too much.

6. I sent home three kids with fevers today....the flu (influenza B to be more exact) has reared it's ugly head.

7. I need like three days locked in the house to get this place clean.  It's driving me nuts, but there is not enough time in the day.

8. One boy thought his fever was because his dad finally changed the light bulbs and there was more light in his house...thus making him hotter...thus causing the say the cutest things.  When I started explaining about antibodies...he asked if those the ones shaped like X and Y...I said no, those are chromosomes. But didn't go further than that....that's a fifth grade discussion.

9. While doing this, my mom called and since no one in the family is having a crisis, I finally told her about the surgery.

10. This is not bad...I may do this again next Thursday.


  1. Loved this post!!! Keep them coming!


    1. hey emilio, I have been trying to get back to your blog, but for some reason can't get there from the link in your name...if you see this, can you post the link to your blog...and thanks :D

  2. Laugh! Every time I cut peppers or eat popcorn with tabasco sauce, I have a clear understanding of how I touch my face too much.

    I remember when my son was 3-4, he got a puking virus. The last thing he had eaten was pizza, and I don't think that kid ate pizza for three years afterward. "Pizza makes me puke," he'd say. :)

  3. I just did that exact same thing with towels in my washer! I enjoyed the boy with his confusion about antibodies and chromosomes...hopefully he gets that straightened out before hitting puberty! ;-)